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  1. Am finding that fixer posts some great info. The above phonetics are a 'best choice" versus creating ones own descriptive phrases
  2. fixer, Good info for the newer people. FYI AmRRON has computer based forms here - https://amrron.com/2015/07/09/flmsg-forms-version-2-release/ (see SPOTREP form) The forms are used by the amateur radio programs Fldigi and Flmsg, info about and download links found here - http://w1hkj.com I'm a communications person (was before retiring) and have mostly switched radio operation to digital modes.
  3. Thanks for allowing the use of MY MILITIA, recently heard about it and wanted to check it out. Looks like plenty of areas to check. My screen name - Etech - is short for electronics tech. Since retired from that vocation, still enjoy it as a hobby. Probably have questions as I look over the info already here. Regards, Etech

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