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  1. Folks, Here is a link you will like. x-fire.info
  2. Wolf, I sent you a PM check your messages. My phone numbers is in it. LMBO, Our 9MM X-fire is quite an enigma for a round. 1,290 FPS with about 50% less recoil and muzzle blast as out of our conventional 115 JHP Home defense round. Wolf, You have to understand my humor. The design of the bullet reduces recoil and jumps velocity to holy crap standards. I have always tried to attain the maximum shock and awe effects. Here comes the dilemma as to what you are asking. I do not know if you can safely reduce charges without risking detonation. Trust me, detonation due to low powder and getting a flash effect/detonation is not an old wife's tail. <not referring to the Hilda beast either!> I encountered this problem developing the .458 SOCOM round. 3 grains under the sweet spot equals 100% detonation. Perhaps with a bulky powder like bullseye or unique it might not have the issue. Questions then go to how light of a bullet do you need or want? Everything in a bullet design is a trade off. I would opt to NOT make an X-Fire for this purpose. However the design profile of the bullet without saw cuts and being drilled might be what you need. It reduces turning time a lot as well less risk of breaking .016 thick carbide saw blades. Call me, it is a lot faster! LOL Duster223
  3. Wolf, When I get into the shop this morning I will chrono a 38 special to verify its FPS. LOL you need 750 FPS I will have to check them again, I am thinking they are in the 1,300-1,500 FPS range. The 9MM is at 1,290 and is A LOT slower than the 38 Special. LOL I am betting my .380 would most likely make it as well, <grin> The last one we chronograph-ed was at 1,440 FPS, That is not a typo, 1440 FPS. BTW I am not seeing a link. Duster223
  4. Yup, typo, .357 Unfortunately the load data is propriety information. It took a lot of R&D to come up with the proper powder and charges. If I were to give out the load data it would also put me at risk. Our bullets do not compare to a lead core bullet. As an example: A person see's the load data on a comparable bullet weight and decides since X-Fire use it I can use the same charge for my JHP lead core bullet. Which would in all likelihood cause a failure in the firearm as in pieces flying off of it. Wolf, the bullets in the .357 diameter run $1.30 each for me to produce them. I sell the loaded handgun calibers in boxes of 20 for $40 per box plus shipping. If you wish to see what an X-Fire does in the field so to speak. Go to Gun Broker, do a such for X-Fire, they will be most likely on the 2nd page. Look at the 45-70 or the .458 SOCOM rounds. I put a picture of a coyote hit with the .458 220 Grain X-Fire. I use the same bullet in both calibers. The exit hole is 3 1/2" across and it is VERY easy to see. If you need more information feel free to email me at nickmull@yahoo.com
  5. Folks, I make the X-Fire ammunition in the following caliber. 45/70 220gr .458 Socom 220gr 45ACP/45 colt 170gr .44mag 190 gr 40 cal./10mm 135gr .38/.367 116gr 9mm 105gr .380 67gr If their is enough demand I may go ahead and add the .500 S&W, .50 Beowulf and .32ACP/S&W long/.30 Luger and the .41 mag. Any thing is possible, .30 caliber we have been working on as well. Duster223 (name comes from watching the dust come off of my target when hit.)
  6. Wolfpack, I cannot answer your question in regards to the recoil impulse difference between various loads and bullets. As to the weight of our .45 bullet, our weight is 170 grains. I received an email yesterday from the United States Concealed Carry folks. From the sounds of it in their next issue of their magazine. They are doing a review of our .38 Special X-Fire with slow motion video in ballistic gel and so forth. If you have any questions you can email me at nickmull@yahoo.com When I get into my shop this morning I will be starting a run of .357 diameter 116 grain x-fire bullets on the CNC. It takes about a minute each for cycle time to make each bullet. Duster223
  7. Folks, If you do not mind a bit shock and awe ballistic hit for real. I do have a picture of a coyote hit with a 220 gr .458 X-Fire round. Its exit hole is about 3 1/2" across. Same concept as the .45 X-Fire the .45 is punching 1100FPS
  8. Greetings all, I am a 07 FFL here in Ohio. I design and manufacture X-Fire ammunition. Prior service and so forth. Duster223 Attached is a picture of what I do in real life.
  9. Folks, New here, going to rain on the parade a bit when it comes to ammunition. I am 07 FFL here in Ohio. I research and develop special ammunition. In the olden days it mattered what caliber of handgun you kept for protection. Now-a-days it does not. What matters is the type of ammunition you put into it. As an example: .458 SOCOM 1.7" across when it strikes 34 1/2" of gel at 50 yards. .45 ACP opens the size of a silver dollar penetration 8 1/2" of gel. ..40 fifty cent piece when it strikes. 9MM 105 gr 1290 FPS, Larger than a 50 cent piece penetration 9" My favorite: .380 ACP 67 GR 1,440 FPS penetrates 3", explodes into shrapnel and stops 12 1/2" into ballistic gel at 6 feet I am the one man show so to speak. The .380 opens up to .835 before it frags. My ammunition I call X-Fire. It opens up like an airplane propeller or a giant "X". That is a 9MM sitting on a 50 cent piece. Duster223
  10. Folks, Caliber does not matter too much. Performance is what counts. I have attached a picture of what I do in real life. I am a 07 FFL that researches and develops high performance ammunition. The 9mm is sitting on top of a 50 cent piece. Duster223

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