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  1. As I have just retired from CSAR/SAR and Previously the Army. It has come time to Post the Guidon, and hang up the Spurs. I can rest easy knowing that my A.O is in the most capable of Hands.Guard your freedoms with jealousy lest they be whisked away by thieves. ESSAYONS W9 Clear the net.
  2. "Fatherless homes and divorce rates are the number 1 issue in my opinion, with the advancement in social media infidelity is at an all time high." Fixernator your last sentence Nails it. in the US we have many of the millennial generation and Gen X who do not believe in God. Any God for that matter. So they have no sanctity of marriage. No sanctity of family. Many raise their youth to be amoral and feckless. It will get worse.
  3. The above is a legit group, a righteous group.
  4. Spot on BTA. I did not see the same level of outrage when liberal Hillary supporter Steven Paddock went bonkers in Las Vegas.
  5. This is a good place with good people. Welcome Home.
  6. Great responses above^^ This is quality. Level headed and clear thinking. The good take away's are avoid the area If you cannot then try to avoid encirclement If you become encircled try to move your vehicle slowly. if you cannot then try to wait it out the second you become a target then you use the least amount of force to respond to force. Mob Mentality comes in two flavors. Mob Anger and Rule and Mass Panic. And as Bury has pointed out. If we must use the force required that will get us Judged by 12 then we must be certain that the force we applied was used to ensure we were not going to be carried by 6.
  7. The stuff I got from Whiskey6 , Is Whiskey 6 Approved Tis a bit heavy but is is great quality.
  8. Guess who was a test subject for MK Ultra. In fact one of the shining stars!? Theodore Kaczinki aka Ted aka UNABOMBER. That came up in his Court cases and it was a partial reason for his life behind bars rather than death penalty.
  9. Still have the same 1973 colt govt I've always had. no need to change it. Does well for Anything Need accuracy put BoMar on. Need carry .. Take it off. Barrel. Kart NM just about the best there is.Works very Well. I agree the 1911 platform is very versatile. And easy to find or make parts. You can make field grade parts with a 500 dollar harbor freight lathe and mill. The frame will forgive you. I agree great article. I will dig through my archives of AMU Tips and Tricks and see what I can provide in the way of technical MWO's used at Perry back in the day. I have some blueprint specs to add if I can find them. They are the actual paper things. From back when paper was they only way to blueprint. Once again great article
  10. I will be out on the range this week starting Tuesday. In regards to Antifa and Intel. If you can look on the internet and see if the FB Antifa orgs. in your AO link to commercial websites like go daddy etc. If they have go fund me or Kickstarter accounts if they have commercially printed signs and banners. The odds are that the funding is not only coming from the RCP, M19 but other wealthy individuals like the vegas dirtbag. Nov4 is a special date for Antifa much like may 19th is for the commies. They may begin their operation on the 4th of Nov but like OWS(Occupy Wall Street) it will be of longer duration. Stay safe Ladies and gentlemen
  11. S.terry which points are you not in agreeance with?
  12. Liberty we are south of you. reach out if you need anything
  13. Atifa has claimed it twice on facebook posts.If the rich white guy was Antifa centered this may explain the money that Antifa was getting.
  14. FBI reports that the shooter had Antifa literature and had been to the middle east. Post up folks lets get digging

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