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  1. No Area Code group for 813?

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    2. fixer


      ill get one going tonight

    3. Jim McConnon

      Jim McConnon

      Yeah, I didn't see it! I'll be actively keeping up with 
      watching this page! Thanks!?

    4. Jim McConnon

      Jim McConnon

      Tried to buy a handgun, but app was denied! Have no felonies, or any arrests
      for violence, or any other obstacle preventing me from purchase! I haven't
      applied for an appeal yet, I don't feel as though I'll get a fair shake! I've read
      the steps that it would take to appeal, and it just seems to me that it's
      somehow rigged against supporters of President Trump and his cabinet. I still
      have 58 days to consider applying for the appeal, but I just feel that this is just
      a bunch of BS! Why should citizens have to jump through hoops, when the
      2nd Amendment gives us the right to own a weapon? Considering appeal.  

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