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    [B][U]Herbal Medicine: [/U][/B]I have learned the old ways of medicine by my ancestors. I also study authentic medical books on both nutrition and herbal medicine by Dr John Christopher, Dr Shook, Dr James A. Duke. Jethro Kloss. and Miss Rene Casey,RN.
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  1. Az Chigger, I sent this out as a level of awareness. Many individuals already called his tough wordage out. when they have no opposition their words are strong . When these coward face up to reality. They Cower. There is a saying in S.O.G. Never dig a hole with your mouth you cannot get your backside out of(friendly version). These people have a lot of growing up to do.
  2. This was dropped to me but a few patriots on my Patriot Updated Mewe Group, I checked it found the original vid and other and news posts(conserv.) with related data on black panthers.
  3. Combat Resupply (Video)


    In this video Brent will talk about combat resupply (receiving ammunition in the field and being able to get it ready for the fight quickly). I apologize for the wind sound. I’ve already been told previously with other videos on ways to reduce wind noise. However, I was down in the woods and didn’t think it was going to effect it as much as it did. The way I see it is if this video applies to you, you’re going to be more concentrated on soaking up the information then worrying about how much the tiny bit of wind sound is bothering you. Thanks for watching!

  4. Weapons Malfunction Training Video
  5. A Powerful Lung Tonic: (Vid & Post) Natural Solutions for Respiratory infections in Children and Adults: (Vid & Post)

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