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    Tactical Herbal Medicine and training
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    [B][U]Herbal Medicine: [/U][/B] I have learned the old ways of medicine by my ancestors. I also study authentic medical books on both nutrition and herbal medicine by Dr John Christopher, Dr Shook, Dr James A. Duke. Jethro Kloss. and Miss Rene Casey,RN.
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  1. Radio Master Reports Blog: Shtf/Survivalists Freqs. and Com Resources:(downloadable and printable com charts wallet cards) FREE.
  2. Herbal Survival Proven All Natural & Realistic Survival Techniques. for MIlitias, Preppers, families, Survivalists Infants to Elders in Detailed Videos How To's and More: All Natural Diabetes Week training: https://www.herbalsurvival.net/diabetesweek.html Cayenne and Emergency First Aid for home & on the Go.:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TXm3eyKxTQ
  3. https://www.herbalsurvival.net/diabetesweek.html
  4. This resource is from a reputable "traditional" Source How to make shotgun shells at home with pictures:
  5. A Patriot

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      There is always a place for Patriots and I'll be right there beside you

  6. I know MANY law enforcement personnel that have Glock 9's. In NY. and what about I.C.E. and SWAT with the AR15's this goverment is out of control we have to vote our people in ASAP. Then we train unconventionally with more of a discipline base of GW. and use allot of the element of surprise to our advantage.
  7. Awesome Job Marine 77 here is some research for your groups. Typhoid Fever Respiratory Infections Tuberculosis "ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT MODIFIERS" Making a powerful thieves oil variant with your Herbal Survival Kit This recipe is from my kits if you don’t have a kit follow it anyhow and make a batch for your preps and help your allocated medic in your prep group/Community. SE Below!!! God Bless , You will need: Pure Grapeseed oil Eucalyptus Oil Pepermint essential oil Clove Essential Oil Oregano Esential Oil Lavender Essential Oil Tea Tree essential oil Recipe: Pure Grapeseed oil 1/2 ounce Eucalyptus Oil 15 drops Pepermint essential oil 10 drops Clove Essential Oil 25 drops Oregano Esential Oil 25 drops Lavender Essential Oil 30 drops Tea Tree essential oil 30 drops Directions: Add all ingredients together in a dark color bottle and percus 35 times to dispense all the oils and begin the propagation . let sit overnight to propagate. Usage: Add 4 drops to one quart of distilled water in a sprayer bottle. Alternatively you can use a standard simple steam vaporizer that hold 1-2 gallons of water and add 6 drops and a pinch of salt to the water in the vaporizer . The salt will increase the steam levels but only add a pinch. Note: If you are making a few bottles of this spray ahead of time add 1 tablespoon of 80 proof vodka or food grade alcohol to it as a preservative. add alcohol then oils then mix them both well then add the distilled water and shake before each use. Antibiotic Resistant Modifiers http://herbalsurvival.blogspot.com/2015/02/antibiotic-resistant-modifiers.html Respiratory Infections http://herbalsurvival.blogspot.com/2014/09/natural-solutions-for-respiratory-virus.html
  8. The Herbal Survivalist Media Center has many new channels on natural survival solutions such as: Herbs for medicine Herbs for Nutrition Herbal Recipes Herbs for first aid Bartering with Nature (coming soon) Essential oils and much more Also Check Out our Wild Edibles Video Series

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