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    Tactical Herbal Medicine and training
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    [B][U]Herbal Medicine: [/U][/B] I have learned the old ways of medicine by my ancestors. I also study authentic medical books on both nutrition and herbal medicine by Dr John Christopher, Dr Shook, Dr James A. Duke. Jethro Kloss. and Miss Rene Casey,RN.
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  1. Get Free Herbal Medicine and Survival Training here:http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT2uk0guk3VYZp6r3nJLCTg

    1. Liberty Rider

      Liberty Rider

      I used to haul to New Rochell. You're roughly 4-5 hours north of me. Once My group is established and starts training could we hire you for a day or weekend to give us a crass course on herbal living and for uses in emergencies and so forth?


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