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  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the left. Yes they are despicable and relentless. Please enjoy your peace. thanks for all you’ve done for the good causes of freedom of speech and the 2A.
  2. that is one guy that scares me. He has enough money to convince the sheeples that his ideas are good ones. He's hell-bent on taking away our rights.
  3. Right, I read that too. Seems a female wouldn't take of her mask. I suspect she MIGHT have been an Antifa-type? Busted!
  4. good morning all; I am praying for good news from Virginia. Our Constitution will be tested there.
  5. Jacksonville and north of that! God bless America.
  6. camper trailers are a neat idea, with all the power being generated right there in the unit. Plus, a buddy of mine owns one that uses solar panels to recharge the batteries! I you can afford one, these seem like good prep tools to own.
  7. Agreed. I am concerned that the NRA has agreed that bump-fire should be banned. This makes me feel a bit uneasy, as I would hope that the NRA would fight for ALL gun rights.
  8. ALL those people came there looking for a fight. They got what they wanted. THEY WANTED to fight. There is a lot of anger out there, but fighting is not gonna solve the issues. My concern is that the leftists are using this tragedy as a 'reason' to tear down historical monuments. There are rare and important pieces of our heritage. Somehow, they get offended. I think a civil war is coming........
  9. yep. This idiot is a super-leftist comedian that gets paid to insult us. I fully expect him and his ilk to do that, so no surprises here. The left and the Mainstream Media is out to destroy the 2nd amendment.

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