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  1. "press and hold " so it's the pressure that's stopping the bleeding the pepper just makes it hurt more
  2. Your FOID is valid for 60 business pays past expiration IF you've applied and are otherwise eligible for a permission slip. We have already seen a sherrif and his men , in a theoretical Sanctuary County , roll up on a guy to collect his expired permission slip and had his wide with a valid FOID not been present one would assume that'd have stolen his guns as well. Much heat came to bear on said Sheriff and he publicly back peddled. That said while I like the spirit of the sanctuary movement I can't see it making much difference once the state passes more unconstitutional laws
  3. Shoot Back Hemorrhage Controlled Airway Established Respiration and Circulation Treat of Shock Start over while humorous it's actually rather valid
  4. 80 000 people died from flu in the US - True to the extent 80,000 people had the flu when they died. A relatively large number of these had other conditions that combined with flu killed them, A fair number also didn't receive the supportive the would enable them to survive the flu. Yes people , even healthy ones, can die of the flu but the 80,000 in itself doesn't mean a lot. if you don't want to get the flu 1. stay away from sick people 2. wash your hands 3. maintain good general health - diet, exercise , get adequate rest all that boring shit 4. flu shot ? depending on your general level a paranoia get one or don't 5. hard liquor - while it actually does nothing to prevent the flu can improve your attitude towards the flu if you do get it
  5. so what are we expecting to happen or not happen in these 'sanctuaries' I think we've already seen the sheriff of one of these send his men to collect the expired FOID and had the wife not had her permission slip the firearms from an older gentleman who let his permission slip lapse
  6. If only I had the art / graphic skills of a 9 year old
  7. Circular graphic - like a patch Background is a flat grey EMS star with out the snake and stick in the middle in the center of the star the 3% and 13 stars thing Color of the star a subdued red
  8. not a big fan of flu shots myself but they're required for both my day job and volunteering for EMS service but dude ...
  9. At risk of starting a pissing contest I want to point out the RATS failed to make the list of TCCC Recommended TQ by failing several key requirements - I'l try and post the documentation once I get to the other side of the firewall This isn't to say the RATS is bad just that there are several evidence based devices that are 'better' Skuze me while I seek cover and concealment
  10. 'Governor Blackface , er Northam , don't shoot the protesters ... '
  11. about half way through this MB has some good advice - of note he will NOT be there https://banned.video/watch?id=5e20f4eda75733001ef7ec4d
  12. Edit to add it's very unlikely a tampon will be the correct size to fill the cavity it's with going to be too small and not effective or too big and you'll be unable to get it in or cause more damage if you do get it in
  13. Yeh but it’s almost 100% certain that it’s not going to work. why are we stuffing foreign shit into a big gaping hole in the body? For the most part we’re trying to completely fill the void in order to make pressure more effective in occluding , stopping, blood flow.
  14. Start with STOP the Bleed - by American College of Surgeons - if you can find First Care Provider course that's good. There are any number of people esp in NC hanging out a shingle to teach Trauma Medicine - the level of tactical band camp varies If you can get into NAEMT TECC class those are pretty good BUT they tend to be limited to police, fire and transporting EMS agencies Books and you tube are helpful I like this video -
  15. Check your message box Do you have some specific examples of what errors you're seeing? A final suggestion contact your state rep or state senator and ask their constituent services folks - likely the first person to answer the phone - for assistance
  16. my thought was groups or units or whatever they are could incorporate into their meetings - I'd travel to them I don't have much of a school house myself
  17. Got to love a school that still celebrates firing cannon at the federal government On Jan. 9, 1861, cadets of The Citadel manning an artillery battery on Morris Island fired the first shots of the Civil War, repulsing the federal steamship Star of the West, which was carrying supplies and two hundred federal troops dispatched by President Buchanan to reinforce Union Forces garrisoned at Fort Sumter. November '88
  18. OP spelled President Trump wrong

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