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  1. Well, either way, your eyes are open NOW, and that's all that matters right now!! Just get ready!! Things are heating up FAST!!
  2. Welcome to the fray, @ StartThePurge ! 😃
  3. Welcome, @ The Northern Woodsman !! Welcome to MyMilitia!! What part of Suffolk County are you from? Selden here!
  4. @ Barefootsailor , No problem! It's all good! And, if you go to MyMilitia's main page, at the top, where it gives you a list of options on where to go on the website, there would be a option tab labeled "Blogs." You click that and it'll take you to the blog page. By the title "Blogs" there should be an option to create your own blog. And there you go.
  5. Welcome @ Concerned Citizen ! Welcome @ Schnikes ! Welcome to the fray!! 😃
  6. @ Douglas , Are you on facebook? I am on there most often. 'Sorry I didn't see your comment right away. And, not just yet. But we DO, though, plan on having one sometime soon. That all depends on @ Bighawaiiancookout . He is the one who wants to have the meeting. I'm game! And, as far as any OTHER meetings go, if you're local from where I am, I would love to have you join us! I'm on facebook. My name is Renee Russo and my profile picture is that of a Thomas Paine quote. And, ?, you don't have a car? May I ask why? 😕 How old are you? Just asking.
  7. @ RevRifleman , ?? Is this you? 😃 And, do you know of any OTHER state's videos?? I can't seem to find any but yours so far. Facebook took down all of the American Revolution 2.0 groups..... ;/
  8. @ Douglas , I highly agree!!
  9. It seems like the more 'patriots' I meet, the more I lose hope for the patriot cause..... 

  10. @ NYCboog , @ Bighawaiiancookout , I don't think that you guys are from Suffolk County, right? 😕
  11. @ Barefootsailor , By the way: @ Bighawaiiancookout , Me, @ Kras80 , and a facebook friend of mine are planning to get together and have a meet. Would you be interested in meeting up with us when we do hold one? @ Bighawaiiancookout is holding it and we are looking for more people to meet up with. @ Bighawaiiancookout , How many people were you looking to have this meet with?
  12. @ Barefootsailor , By the way, I must ask: How did you come across MyMilitia? Where you from? And why did you join just recently? I came across this site 4 years ago. I saw what was going on in this country and searched the web looking for patriot websites and then came across THIS one, and, quite frankly, this is the best patriot website there is out there. So, here I am. And, Selden, here!
  13. Hello!! Great to have you on board, @ Barefootsailor !! 👍
  14. @ Bighawaiiancookout , So that is 4 people so far. Me, you, Brian (one of my facebook friends), and Kras80!

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