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  1. @ Rev.E. , No thank you. We're good with the topics feature. Thanks. 🙂 👍 -631 Patriot
  2. Welcome to MyMilitia, @Psychonaught!
  3. Welcome to MyMilitia, @ H S ! 🙂
  4. Welcome to MyMilitia! 🙂
  5. Welcome to MyMilitia. 🙂
  6. Hey, @ Kras80 ! How have you been? Good?? 😃
  7. !! From Centereach? Wow! Nice to meet you, @ Centereach Sheepdog ! Welcome to MyMilitia!! How'd you come across the site? 🙂 *And, 'sorry about the late reply, but things on this side of the screen has just been a mess since the cv-19 thing...... Let's just say that I now have to file for unemployment and medicaid...... Not fun, these past few months...... And, well, tbh, I don't know one person who thinks 2020 has been a great year, either, so, I think that everyone could agree that this year stinks...... ;/ So, what is the meaning of your username, anyways? 🙂 ?
  8. @ SemperParatus1988 , I'll let you know if there is any meetings going on, but as of right now, things are quiet. I'm not making any meetings just yet. Things are a mess on this side of the screen, so I am sorry that I have replied a little late. But if you want to show your support, there are freedom events that happen every month, and you can read about that on facebook groups such as Liberate New York. They've done anti-MANDATORY vax protests, anti-quarantine protests, pro-Trump rallies, anti-MANDATORY mask/social distance protests, etc.. You can see when all of their events are. Right now,
  9. Well, either way, your eyes are open NOW, and that's all that matters right now!! Just get ready!! Things are heating up FAST!!
  10. Welcome to the fray, @ StartThePurge ! 😃
  11. Welcome, @ The Northern Woodsman !! Welcome to MyMilitia!! What part of Suffolk County are you from? Selden here!
  12. @ Barefootsailor , No problem! It's all good! And, if you go to MyMilitia's main page, at the top, where it gives you a list of options on where to go on the website, there would be a option tab labeled "Blogs." You click that and it'll take you to the blog page. By the title "Blogs" there should be an option to create your own blog. And there you go.

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