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  1. ??? I heard that there was a big rally that thousand went to, even out of states residents came to support Connecticut, but I didn't hear of anything. ?? What the heck? Anybody here know?
  2. 631 Patriot


    Thanks, @ My Militia !! It looks great!! Can I post this on my facebook?? 😃
  3. @ NightOwl92 , Yes! I have the same hopes, too!! We will see our freedoms back in this country, so long as the patriots stay true and don't settle for crumbs of freedom. Oh nice!!! Glad to hear that!! Keep it up!! ☺️👍
  4. @ NightOwl92 , Nice!! I'm glad that you are building the patriot cause in your state, which contributes to the freedom to the REST of the country!! And I see that you are from the army? Thank you for your service. 🙂👍
  5. @ NightOwl92 , Hello! And welcome to the fray, brother! 👍 By the way: How did you hear about us?
  6. @ Kras80 , Naw It's ok! My name is Renee Russo! And, which one are you? I see several. ? I have the American flag as my profile pic. 👍
  7. @ Kras80 , Are you on facebook? The word Kras sounds familiar. ? I had someone with the last name Kraus come up as a friend suggestion.... Dave Kraus, I believe his name was?
  8. Hey, guys!! Patriot here!! 'Looking to make connections with other fellow east coast patriots!! And, yeah, I know, I'm not from Virginia, so I'm going to leave this group as soon as I am done posting this. But I feel that this is one of the best ways to make connect with other patriots, seeing as new patriots join MyMilitia and sometimes don't put their marker on the members map.... S is HTF and we ALL need to be connected so when SHTF we can keep in contact and be able to communicate with each other (if the internet or even this website is even still running at that time). Those tyrrants in power and their chronies who they will send out after us are all connected and so should WE as patriots!! PLEASE get back to me as soon as you can!! Thanks! Patriot out! -NYP
  9. We received military surplus gas mask and used them when training in oleoresin capsicum and CS gas filled rooms. They were old and worked fine.

  10. @ Doug1943 , Do physical stores actually sell gas masks, or is it only online stores??
  11. Thanks, @ LetFreedomRing !! But it says that it is for costume purposes, according to the reviews, and to avoid if using it for actual gas mask purposes.... ;/
  12. ...... I heard that surplus gas masks are actually bad because they have most likely been on the shelf for a long time, usually past their expiration date, which apparently gas masks and their attachments do have, oddly..... And best to get an American one because an Israeli one is in another language and that if you do not use your gas mask properly, you can get sick and even die..... Ditto with getting a Russian one for the same reason, as well as because the Russian gas masks have asbestos in it.... ? But was informed that as far as getting a surplus gas mask goes, that it's better than getting no gas mask, but surplus is not recommended, supposedly.... And that it should be an NBC gas mask, I think it's called. ? Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical.... I just need it for the chemical part, like for riot police attacks like the spray that they use and stuff like that.... Are there any such masks that you recommend for that??

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