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  1. Omg, This cold will NOT go away!! It's like a mini flu!! Been up coughing all night. NO comfortable position to sleep. Coughing up a lung...... An cough drops don't work because it isn't a dry cough.... Uggh..... 
    I heard on a prepping website that Emergen-C Immune Plus works when sick.... Can this be confirmed, because it doesn't say anything on the box that it CAN...... ?? I have no time to be sick and the doctor's office I'm sure is closed at this point.... (I woke up at 4:30pm because I was coughing all night....) 
    Anybody here have any advice? SHTF is coming up, and quite frankly, work as well.... I already went home early the other day, and called out twice and I have no physical proof of being sick besides my voice and chronic coughing......  

    1. 631 Patriot

      631 Patriot

      Have half an onion on a plate next to me and drank some of the Emergen-C stuff..... Hoping that this helps, although I think that the Emergen-C stuff is supposed to be taken JUST before I get sick, but whatever..... 

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