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  1. 'Looking for fellow patriots from these towns to connect with in case SHTF: (NY) Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jeff Station.
  2. @Calvin Champion Woods, Are you ALSO part of the Selden Fire Department?
  3. Well, I'M a patriot! What town are you from? ?
  4. Please, if you know of any Selden, Cenetreach, Port Jefferson, or Port Jefferson Station, NY patriots, reply on this thread!! Or reach me at Renee Russo on facebook. My profile pic is of the American flag. I know of NO patriots from the Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jefferson Station area, and only ONE OUTSPOKEN Selden patriot. 'Looking to connect with others, though! So if you know of any, PLEASE get in contact with me!! Thanks!! Sincerely, BW
  5. Yes. I know, @Wolfi. But York isn't anywhere near Denver, though. I'm looking for PA Lancaster County patriots either BY or IN Denver. But thank you for your reply, though.
  6. Well, ONE patriot, so far, is by Denver:Tuck Ferguson, but it says that he hasn't been active in 37 weeks..... ;/ So, so far, only ONE patriot in the area?? *sigh*
  7. As a matter of Fact I do. When would you be interested in Linking Up?

    1. Black Wind

      Black Wind

      'Not sure at the moment. 'Been really busy. Are you on facebook?

  8. Hello! Patriot, here! Any patriots here from Lancaster County (more so from the Denver area)?
  9. @fixer, I HAVE. I posted the link to this website on my facebook wall a while back. I have tagged my fellow patriot facebook friends, but Id'k if they joined or not. They don't usually reply too much. ;/ 'Busy, I guess?
  10. Hello? Is anyone here from Lancaster County?
  11. 'Anyone on here a patriot from Berks County? Or know of any patriots from Berks County?? If so, post below. Thanks!

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