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  1. Thank you, @GregWrench !! I GREATLY appreciate your understanding. :) And, yeah. I understand that "tie running out" feeling, but I am STILL trying to reach out for patriot connections in my area...... Thank you for the recommendations, but those are UPSTATE. 'Not exactly a "stone's throw away." ;/ If it were a few towns over, I would be able to, but all the way upstate?? THAT is not possible for me..... ;( 'So sorry. And, thanks! I will! You as well, Greg W.! 👍
  2. Thanks, @Let_Freedom_Ring !! I appreciate your reply! That really helped!! 👍
  3. @GregWrench , I am from Suffolk County. I'm from Long Island. 👍
  4. @GregWrench , Thanks! Yeah, before I go out doing any training, I need to be well. ;/ Can't fight or even train with a hurt hip....... I was actually working out and heard a 'pop' in my hip while doing a thigh exercise....... I pushed myself too much, which was dumb, but I don't know my limitations seeing as I've never really had any...... until now. I'm only 28, but apparently I don't have the same body as I did when I was a teenager. ;/ But that's probably because I've never done some actual training like for the patriot cause...... Oh well. Once I am healed, I will be able to work out, but THIS TIME, I know my limitations with my hips....... ;/ *Oh! And by the way, I'm a "sister." I'm actually female. I know. But I haven't seen ANY MALES from my area doing anything, so I stepped up to the plate for my town. 👍 Please don't see me any less because I am female, though, ok? 'Just asking in advance. ☚ī¸ And it's not just health, I have to focus on my job. It has no room for growth like I thought that it would, so I am searching elsewhere to work..... So I have a LOT going on right now, but are trying to take care of some stuff, such as online matters, spreading as much awareness as I can right now, so that is at LEAST SOMETHING. It's all that I can do right now in my predicament..... ;( But thank you for understanding! MUCH appreciated!! 👍 'Cause I know that I got called out on that as not being an "actual patriot" since I am sidelined right now......, as if I can train with a hurt hip and NOT put ANY focus on my job situation that I need to resolve within a couple of months....... 😒 I'm going for physical therapy for my hurt hip and are TRYING to keep my patriot facebook and MeWe.com groups updated and informed as I can! It's the best that I can do right now.......
  5. @Ryan250 , ?? What is a "ccw," "coc," and "co"?? I am not familiar with those acronyms.....
  6. @Calvin Champion Woods , Once my health gets back together, and once I have a secure job plan, I will jump back FULLY into the patriot cause, but for right now, it's best to focus on myself as to not prolong my staggering health and work on getting a secure job plan together at the last minute, you know? I gotta get my life in better control before I can REALLY jump back into the cause...... ;/ I've been on very patriot website, facebook patriot group/page, and MeWe.com patriot group/page (minus the ones that get too rowdy or focus SOLELY on the current president bc that's mostly what the posts are about (hailing our president w/ memes and such) (can't deal w/ that)), and have looked for connections THERE, and have only gotten so "much." ;/ Eh. I think that more will turn up when S actually HTF, but sadly, that's a little short notice, but so long as we have patriots from LONG before THAT happens (which we currently do), then we are still fine, but I just wish that there were MORE of us from our town out there....... If you hear of any, let me know and either send me a link to their facebook page or tell them to message me, now that you know who I am, now, I guess. Lol 'Just in case, though: PLEASE look at our town's patriot group on facebook and look at who the admin of that group is, and it should be me that comes up, as described in my comment to Ryan250. 👍
  7. @Calvin Champion Woods, Yup! I thought that I told you. ? Oh. Well, yeah, it's me. Hi! Yeah, right? That would be neat? So, far, including me and you, there are 20 patriots altogether in our town, which I guess isn't too bad considering from what I've been hearing all over the web, which is good, in a way, but in a town of 19,000+ people, 20 ain't a lot, but it's DEF SOMETHING!! 👍 I am CURRENTLY ALSO trying to find patriots from Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jeff Station, but no luck. ;/ Do YOU know any?? Although I don't fear about Hell's Angels that just moved to Cenetreach, I STILL fear for our neighboring town regardless, as well as the two other towns....... I know at least ONE person from Port Jefferson, but Port Jeff Station (SUPER close to Port Jefferson) is actually becoming more and more liberal. Which shocks me, seeing as how colonially historical it is!! Not necessarily the people, but more so the people who are running the town (such as the mayor, <which I didn't know that they had until recent years)...... smh But yeah, so, happy that OUR town has its fair share of patriots, but it's still not much in case SHTF. ;/ But it's something at least. And are HAPPY that #BlackLivesMatter is no longer a threat! So THAT is another good thing!! 👍 I have been seeing a growing muslim population going on ever since our town has gotten a mosque, but haven't noticed the grow until RECENT years..... ;/ That concerns me, but so long as we stay ARMED, UNITED, and CONNECTED (and HOPEFULLY, more PLENTIFUL), we should be good. But I believe that there are more muslims than there are our town's patriots......, so that concerns me....... ;/ Oh well. I'm not TOO concerned just yet, but yes, as you said, "Stay tuned." 👍
  8. Hello, Ryan250! Although I am a patriot, I can't say that I'm too "active," in that I am currently taking a hiatus (personal life has currently intervened and have to take care of MYSELF before I can continue with the patriot cause), but have popped in once in a while for connections from patriots in my area. I am from Suffolk County, Long Island and we can chat further on facebook if you want (My name is Renee Russo and I have the American flag as my facebook photo). I am not so active on here, seeing that I have ONCE have been, but seeing that there was NOT a lot of activity on here, I signed up for e-mail notifications on certain posts to keep up with things on here that catches my interest. If you want to catch up further, message me on facebook, or you can just reply on here if you want, but facebook is your best bet, for I seldomly check my e-mail where I get these notifications, seeing that I am not as active in the patriot cause, due to personal life (health, job) intervening. So I don't check my e-mail that often, But hit me up on facebook if you're from Suffolk County. It would be nice to know another fellow patriot from the county. =)
  9. 'Looking for fellow patriots from these towns to connect with in case SHTF: (NY) Selden, Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jeff Station.
  10. @Calvin Champion Woods, Are you ALSO part of the Selden Fire Department?
  11. Well, I'M a patriot! What town are you from? ?
  12. Please, if you know of any Selden, Cenetreach, Port Jefferson, or Port Jefferson Station, NY patriots, reply on this thread!! Or reach me at Renee Russo on facebook. My profile pic is of the American flag. I know of NO patriots from the Centereach, Port Jefferson, and Port Jefferson Station area, and only ONE OUTSPOKEN Selden patriot. 'Looking to connect with others, though! So if you know of any, PLEASE get in contact with me!! Thanks!! Sincerely, BW
  13. Yes. I know, @Wolfi. But York isn't anywhere near Denver, though. I'm looking for PA Lancaster County patriots either BY or IN Denver. But thank you for your reply, though.
  14. Well, ONE patriot, so far, is by Denver:Tuck Ferguson, but it says that he hasn't been active in 37 weeks..... ;/ So, so far, only ONE patriot in the area?? *sigh*

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