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  1. Hello, Batman1202! Actually there is! Not me, but I know a patriot from there!! She's a wacko, but she is dedicated there and are looking for fellow NY patriots from ALL lover NY! I used to be facebook friends with her, but she was a little too much and unfriended her. I can give you her name in a private message, if you want, or, if you are on facebook, I can send you the link to her profile page and you can get in contact with her that way. She has her own facebook group Dirty Dozen (12%ers). ?? I don't know. I used to be a part of that group, but, like I said, she was starting to be too much so I left the group. But you will most likely find what you need from her, though, seeing as all I mostly saw was patriots from upstate. Get back to me when you can! Thanks!
  2. Hey, Carlo Fontanello! You're a patriot from the NYC area, huh? Are you on facebook, also, by chance? I am on there and are looking to make more patriot connections in case/when SHTF. Please get back to me as soon as you can! Thanks!
  3. I have noticed within recent months that a LOT more NYers are leaving the state!! Even more so NY PATRIOTS!! ??!? I can understand if those NY patriots are leaving because they can no longer afford to live here, then, fine, whatever. But I hear some NY patriots say that they are leaving simply because they "can't take it" anymore...... !!! DA HECK??! SOME "PATRIOT"!! 😡 If we keep running from a state because we don't like their politics, then we will be eventually moving OUT of the U.S.!! Because ALL of the states are getting RIDICULOUS with their politics!! If so called "patriots" keep running from their current state to the most patriotic state, how slim do you think it is going to be to WIN the patriot fight??!! We'd be SURROUNDED instead of TOGETHER, UNITED, and SPREAD OUT! 😡 "Patriots" who do THAT are **WEAK** FAIRWEATHER 'PATRIOTS'!! 😡 🔥🔥 #Mad!!
  4. The reason why I am saying upstate, is because, at this point, from where I see it, Long Island is going to be in GREATER need of patriot backup in case/when SHTF..... In case if anything were to ever happen here, we may need some backup.... So if there are any patriots up there (which I KNOW there is), can you PLEASE get back to me?? Looking to make more BROADER patriot connections at this point! Thanks!
  5. Just guess why. I've made a million of posts like these......
  6. 452464210_nightshade.jpg.1aa2c64742b68dc2ebd8c8bd4a8d5aa6.jpg

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    2. Night Shade

      Night Shade

      Wow!! That looks GREAT, @ fixer !! Thank you!! 😮 ! 

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      Should be perfect size for facebook group header

    4. Night Shade

      Night Shade

      Yeah! WOW!! 😮 Thanks!! 

  7. I am out there enough on facebook, as well as on MeWe..... Over 300+ patriot places on facebook, and many that I lost track of on MeWe..... I am DONE with recruiting for my town and the various ones that I mentioned..... I am working on Medford right now, but I have put out in those groups that I am from Suffolk County, NY.... It's not easy.....
  8. I don't know if any NEW patriot pages/groups popped up, but I am all pooped out..... 🥵
  9. @ fixer , I am already on that. I have actually been in/on 300+ patriot groups/pages reaching out...... I've primarily got the attention from those upstate NY, but I am from LI (Suffolk County)..... *sigh*
  10. *sigh* I have done posts like this like a million times. You get why.
  11. @ Dav Harzin ! Omg! 5,000?! WOO-HOO!! YEAH!! Now THAT is a patriotic town!! 😀 👍 But why the marks around "patriots" for? Either way, 50 is still good! Heck! It's better than how many patriots are in MY town! 😮 Good for you guys!! 👍

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