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  1. Yes it does. Where are u getting ur info from? U drive an automobile everyday without making money with it right? Then it does have something to do with the average person. In fact, it pertains to all americans
  2. Thats my bad then. I'm seeing it as a reply to my comment. Sorry. I was wrong
  3. An automobile/convayence is prepelled by gears and mechanics. Artical 13 in the movement act will help clear that up
  4. That is not personal convayence, that is considered a motor vehicle in which u need a license to drive commerce. Read the movement act
  5. It is what it is, and I call it as it is. Fraud. I have been looking into this for a couple of years now. If a person were to drive without a license and is not running commerce, let's say this person went to the store or park, or driving to work and the person gets pulled over, what is the first thing the officer is going to ask for? Bet u " license is the first word out of his mouth, the person tells the officer, I don't have license. There are 3 things that could happen at this point. Citation or, arrested ( if out of state) or, the officer is going to thell the drive he can't drive and possibly tow the automobile. In all these actions made by the officer is treasonous acts. In which is against the movement act.
  6. An automobile is a personal conveyance, not property. Just like a tv, it is a personal effects, next they will want to tax that as well and say it is property. Property is land, nothing more, nothing less
  7. U are giving up ur freedom by funding fraud.
  8. Maybe u should see how u addressed me first. U basically calling me a lie and throwing my religion into it and saying I'm not malitia, do u know me? I think not. I am here by God, not man, I take orders from God, not man. U come against me and u go against God. Wanna test that theory? We all have a reason on this Earth, I know what my reason is for God himself put me here. Find ur reason, I just hope u pick the right one. God bless u
  9. How is it i make up my own mind on laws when the laws are right in front of your face? Everyone has access to the laws. Maybe u should look up the legal deffinition of "driver's license* then u would know they are only required for commerce. Nothing else. So I'm a bully by speaking truth? Truth hurt?
  10. What war is that? N. Korea, Afgan? There is no war, Have ye not hear that a time will come when you hear of wars and rumors of war? We are in that time now. Like I have said in another thread, It is all a greed and control game. (biblical and i see it)
  11. http://www.uslawbooks.com/travel/travelcites.htm
  12. Even the DMV is fraudulant against the movement act too. The laws have been twisted to restrict freedom. Driver's license are required only for commerce, not traveling.traveling is also reconized as driving conyeancy. Insurance is also fraudulant too as in the Constitution it states driving/traveling is a free right settles by the supreme courts and is free as long as citizens drive in a safe manner and obey traffic signs. Insurance should always be an option for the driver such as Ohio's law. It's is fraudulant as well. Taxes are to be in one lump sum at the end of the year. Not taxing pay checks and personal effects such as vehicals, food, etc. Property ( land) is the only tax that should be taxed other than taxing at the end of the year. Years ago, these items that are unlawfully taxed use to be an option to donate more by the citizen. America has become greed within it's affairs. This is how we have come indebted.
  13. Even the scriptures speak of this. If thou come and say things " I am leary of anyone who claims to be a prophet because the bibile clearly states many will be false teachers and prophets. " This is true, but ye also brethern shalt know the Lord hath said, " Ye shalt know them by their fruits". How is it that it has also been said " And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams" (Acts 2:17 KJV.) .. Revelation 17- KJV: This is the Roman Catholic which is in the walls of Vatican City. Vatican City was also made into a nation. It is the smallest nation in the world. If a city becomes a nation, would it not be a great city? Even in scripture Babylon is called " The great city". As for the King. And the Whore of babylon is the Roman Catholic, Rome/Vatican city is the only remembrance of babylon. Even her days are number. Scripture also talks about Pope benedict resigning (Continue a short space). Moments after he resigned, Lightening struck the St. Peter's Ballistic. Prophecy tells this too. Pope francis is the son of perdition. Even his lies are seen clearly. He speaks no truths. He speaks as a dragon. He comes and seeks to change times and laws such as the georgian calender and the sabbath. Sabbath is not sunday, it is saturday. Sunday is the day of worship to the Roman Catholic sun god apollo. In Revelation 9 his name is said. Apollyon or abaddon also translated "Apollo". The king of the bottomless pit. This is your mark of the beast in the right hand or forehead. Hast thou remember the Sabbath for it is holy? Has thou worked on this day? As for the lightening striking, Scripture hath said, " I beheld Satan fall like lightening from the heavens". Notice Pope Francis's So called, " Throne". He says it is angels, Im sure it is, just not the ones we like to think of. Many will say, " Lets burn her with fire for she has no love for the Lord." Dost thou know the meaning of Revelation? It is translated into Reveal and Research. Even God said take no word from man, shalt thou research for your learning? Walk with God, not man. As for prophesying end times and seeing all things in revelation. I know how things are going to go. By the grace of God I was shown like John had wrote it, it was and is, and will be. We are about to enter into tribulation. For the sign has been given in Virgo (Revelation 12)

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