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  1. You're right, you never asked us to change. You are merely saying that if we don't do this, we're an unreputable group. The proof of this is your quote right here "we will place other upstanding units in front of yours." You're also assuming that we have low numbers or participation, this is evident by your statement "if your unit has very low numbers and/or participation than you may feel the need for this facade which misleads potential members and is a disservice to your fellow man." Then you act as if because we don't want our numbers published, that I or the group doesn't "truly believes in the credo of the modern militia movement." Added to which, it must be that because we don't want our numbers posted that we "have the intent of performing tasks of an illegal nature." These are all your quotes from your reply. So no, you never asked us to change anything, you're just attempting to bully people into following your guidelines that you deemed to be the way that "real" militias are supposed to do things. Because if they don't, they must have low numbers and are planning to do illegal things. We don't need nor did we ask for your help to build, we are already one of the largest and most active in the state.
  2. " We require your current membership numbers on your groups Pined post or website homepage with a date.".. There is no way that is going to happen. We also do things similar to what is posted here, but not exactly the same. I'm also not changing our handbook and how we do things based on "requirements" from people that I don't know or have anything to do with my group. I had a feeling that this sort of thing was going to happen on this page. It was just a matter of time. You need to remove Southern Arizona Militia and any traces of it, as well as me off of this site. I didn't like that you added my group to this without contacting me in the first place and now I want no association with this site at all. We are the real deal and I don't need to change to your requirements to prove it.

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