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  1. The M.O. of the Left is to accuse then punish, skillfully omitting

    the most precious aspect of American Jurisprudence, Due Process.

    1. e.c.c.


      That's it. It's going on for everyone to see with the ' impeachment inquiry ' of one of the best presidents we've ever had...

    2. kikorikid


      I see Obama...I  see...I see...a trial...at Gitmo...for Treason.


    3. e.c.c.


      He was/is behind the coup to remove the president, no doubt. I like to think he'll face justice some day, but I don't know...

  2. The "Mosque" is the designated "barracks" for the Mujahideen, Jihadis. They may eat, sleep, Train, and arm at the Mosque. After the attack, they may rest, heal, and re-arm for the next attack.
  3. Inviting Muslims into your Militia is to invite "Green on Blue" death. Muslims are proscribed to use "All strategems of War". Deception being the first choice. There is no basis to establish Trust. Islam is a Totalitarian-Supremacist ideology that operates behind a veneer/facade of religiosity. Islam does not come to integrate or assimilate. Islam comes only to: Conquer, Submit, Convert, or Kill.
  4. Islam is a Totalitarian-Supremacist ideology which operates behind a Veneer/facade of religiosity. Islam does not come to integrate or assimilate. Islam comes only to: Conquer, Submit, Convert, or Kill.
  5. I concur with Liberty Rider. Having sat in a hole during a night of cold rain I knew then that there must be a thousand ways to better spend a night in the woods. The "hole" was not my choice.
  6. Yes, they are. One may use this event as a type dip-stick barometer of the Left's level of malice in their hearts. Evil is not a stretch.
  7. e.c.c., There will be a Fight. Many of them. Inevitable. The Left(Antifa) seems to be pushing for it. They are also buddies with Islamist and there is no doubt what their plans are. Recently I've seen videos of the Lefties at the gun range and they use long guns on targets forty yards away and it appeared they mostly missed. I scoff at their skills but fully realize that their rounds will kill. I am waiting for and there will be a "Precipitating Event", like a massacre , to ignite the fuse. Antifa has become very aggressive on the street so my guess is they will gun down Patriots and then "Game-On!" I'm older but my skill sets are still in place. Wish you the Best!
  8. e.c.c., Good to hear you. This portends to be one of the Premier scandals yet. I first heard that 1900+ were "Unmasked", a day or two ago the number had increased to 35,000. I don't know the veracity of the latter figure but if there is any truth to it, all involved need lengthy prison terms. That was a misstatement. Lengthy prison terms for ALL of this. Rice et al need to go down. Rice should be put against a wall for her "Video" lies.
  9. Islam is "Outlaw" and cannot be "Reformed". Islam can only be isolated and defended against. In Islam "Jihad" is a Duty. The singular Muslim is very much like a loaded pistol on the coffee table. That pistol can sit there for a thousand years and it will be called a"Firearm" or a "Gun" but it does not become a "Weapon" until a Human picks it up to use against other Humans. The "Key" is the Humans intent. A "Moderate Muslim" may be just that for years but could go to the Mosque, on Friday, and listen to the Imams "Call to Jihad" and decide, "Yes, it is my Duty to go on Jihad, Now. He leaves the Mosque as a "Mujahideen", a Jihadi. With a thought the Pistol is picked up and fired at another Human. Islam is "Outlaw" because the Quran dictates that a Muslim will not recognize ANY "Man-Law" in any Country, only "God-Law", Sharia. In the West, in the USA, this in effect abrogates, supersedes, and eliminates our US Constitution and "Bill of Rights". Islamist, in our Country, do not recognize our Laws. They are "Outlaws". Murderous Outlaws.
  10. The RCP is the most aggressive of the "Communist" Orgs in America. RCP's are part of the "political Cadre" BLM has for its planning committee. RCP is always confrontational. Always serious. Always lethal. Should always be identified, confronted, and Destroyed.
  11. Post-election Anti-Trump violence is definitely on the rise. The "Left" seems to want to push us into a Maoist type Revolution(68) where in about a million teenagers with fists clutched around "Little Red Books" managed to murder about 20-25 million of their fellow Chinese. Won't happen here. A mob could be walking to a "Teachers" house to string him/her up but are, instead, met with chest-high rifle fire. There will be no "Safe-Spaces". The "Left" will invite their own pogrom.
  12. Yes, Range-Time is pretty much over. There are likely over a hundred Islamic "Sleeper-Cells" standing bye for for the "Strike" signal. Like "TET-68" attacks everywhere. Farfetched? Don't think so. Stay ready.

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