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  1. Sorry I haven't been more active on the page lately, the fb page for the NCCM has taken a lot more of my time that in the past. We are still actively recruiting there, with new members joining weekly.
  2. I downloaded these several years ago and go back through them at least once a year. Hopefully they'll help someone else as much as they've helped me. us_marine_corps_-_mwtc_summer_survival_course_handbook.pdf us_marine_corps_-_mwtc_winter_survival_course_handbook.pdf
  3. Great read for squad leaders in your units that have never served, or been out for a while Combat Skills.pdf
  4. For those times when we don't have an MRE or the unit Doc with us. Edible-And-Medicinal-Plants-Herbal-Medicine.pdf
  5. One of my members called me back last year and said 2 fbi agents had came to his house. They gave him a business card which we've taught members to identify, it was real. Said they wanted to talk to him, he pointed to his No Trespassing sign and told them they were trespassing and that he had nothing to say to them, and he went into his house. Turned out it was over a video a friend of his had posted on his fb page showing a Ruger mini 14 being converted to full auto with a paperclip and her remarking "You wouldn't do this would you, lol.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/256058081221681/?hc_ref=ARQGz-aWVv8VJhEaPY_WBRqu0LeD4HQ7zun9vngTEenZnUpqd9327Xc38O2ZTrb1Mz8
  7. Hello Scott, we are recruiting on the North Carolina Citizen Militia Open Page on facebook only at the moment
  8. Waiting on the VA for my knee replacement, the Dr who was to do the surgery is on med leave which puts my surgery at the beginning of 2018.

  9. Jihadists are the ones who cut your head off, moderates are the ones holding you down while they do it
  10. Agreed, but we still find it frustrating when you have several thousand people who are on your fb page, and only a five hundred or so have made the commitment to actually go through the process and join a unit and start training. But, things are looking up, I was with a new start up unit today, held elections for their commanding officer, swore them in and they are now on their way and have been recruiting for several weeks now. I will be doing the same in another nearby county as they have the members necessary to form an active unit. Seems we are finally getting the needed prior military members needed to be able to properly train those who have never served.
  11. I get the same response often, but thats all the more reason to keep recruiting.
  12. Hello Terry, I do know that there is a group of the NCCM in the county where you live.
  13. Bessemer City, sorry for the waited response, getting ready for a knee replacement in a few weeks

  14. Evening guys, sorry I've been offline for a few weeks, trying to get ready for another knee replacement. I'm part of the NCCM, North Carolina Citizen's Militia. We have units in about half of the counties in the state so far, striving to get them into all areas.
  15. Fixer, the link you have posted and the page posted by Whiskey6 are for the same group, but different Corps. The facebook group, II Corps, posts and recruits in public for all to see, as they are not involved in anything illegal. The page posted by Whiskey6, I Corps, is also not involved in anything illegal, but refuses to acknowledge their group in public. The only pass information in secret, not over the phone, by text, email for any other electronic means..only in face to face conversation making it very hard to join their group. I sent emails to the webpage for over 2 years and never got a reply
  16. Muslims pledge their allegiance to allah, first, foremost and only to him. They cannot be a good American citizen because they refuse to support the government, and refuse to follow the laws of our land and the Constitution. I have had many try to join the NCCM, and they are all denied and told why

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