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  1. Also would encourage everyone to take Vitamin D 5000-8000 IU daily as spikes are occurring of the “Covid”. On a positive note influenza is down 98% globally and CDC no longer tracking influenza cases or deaths? Where do you think those case numbers and deaths go? Have to keep the fear alive for censorship/compliance/control


  2. The election process is ongoing with   5 states MI WI GA PA and NV having multiple lawsuits in my humble opinion none of these will be certified. I am patient but prepared and expect should Trump be declared winner or electoral votes taken from Biden the next step of color revolution will be enacted. Affinity groups are training now for what will come. Patriots need to hold the line and support the process to ensure election integrity. Our Constitutional Republic is at stake ... Attend rallies call legislators share truth on all platforms . Justice will prevail!!! Or Justice shall be served. Just my thoughts for today. 

  3. Rev E I will not be in TN at that time I will reach out to you when I return at end of month stay safe stay free God Bless America
  4. This makes my heart proud Unless of course this is just controlled opposition to again further the narrative you can’t trust the media
  5. I try not to get angry and keep God’s love in my heart but I just like to beat the crap out of them little spoiled brats spare the rod spoil the child
  6. I did not give accurate area code nor is the address completely accurate was withholding for my own safety but I am in Tennessee current cell phone area code 231 Not sure about Correct protocol here I am in Southwest Tennessee area
  7. ICU nurse wanting to protect our way of life

    no military training but feel is needed with current idiotic unpatriotic dangerous events

    Willing to help in anyway I can

    Love country and God


  8. ICU travel nurse Just purchased property been busy saving lives want to learn how defend mine Our republic is in danger

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