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  1. I Find The Proposed Senate Bill as A Repulsive Measure as we'll ever see. That Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams even Co-sponsored This Cluster~!@# of So-called Legislation is beyond "Comment". Adams is a Retired NYPD Officer, should know better and furthermore should know better than most Proponents of this Legislation that this will only will Guarantee a Very Strong "Black Market". Most of The Left Leaning Socialists in The Five Boroughs have their Collective Heads up Their Kulus, and know that Violent Crime is not at Level that would call upon this Type of Legislation. This is nothing more than an Attempt to be able to "Cull" the Internet in an attempt to Identify those Citizens who are "Pro Constitutionalists", and as a result will be used down the Line to Confiscate Firearms. Most Veterans within The Five Boroughs knew that this was coming and chances are unless there are any last minute "Hi Jinxs" pulled(Arm Twisting) this Legislation will not make it out of The Senate Chamber. That most of The Citizens of NYS are involved in preparing for "The Holidays" does not help matters at all, there are enough of us in the rest of NYS to render Some Very Stiff Resistence. This is just one of Many Reasons why this War on Constitutional Rights will probably go Kinetic, The Globalists are doing everything within Their Political Power to make Conflict Inevitable.
  2. @ Threepercent; In Which County? I know that it is best to Discuss These Matters on "Back Channel(s), I'm Game tell me When and Where....
  3. Three Percent, where is The Long Island Group?

  4. How To Stop An Invasion? It is only an Invasion when we let The Invaders in; it is High Time to place this Situation at The Feet of Those Responsible For This Psyop. I know that I'm not the only Person that realizes that this "Debacle" is designed to "Embarrass" The Trump Administration, and furthermore tie-up any further efforts to adequately address "Immigration Reform". That The Domestic Terrorist Act in Pennsylvania, and other Acts are taking place just Prior to The Mid-Term Elections are being seen as a Result of the Rhetoric of Potus Trump is "Incredulous". I for one do not fault anyone for trying to improve one's Life , however, whatever means that one may choose to improve His or Her Life must be accomplished within the Framework of Civility,Consideration of Ways and Morays, especially if one is choosing to Emigrate into another Country. I, for one advocate the use of "Drones" on the "Border" and the use of "The National Guard" with "State Guard" as backup to "Border Patrol", Why? In the event that there are Questions raised about "Posse Comitatus", those Questions can be Side-Stepped by use of The National Guard(State and Federal Mission Mandate) and use of State Defense Forces(State Mission(s). Chipping would be an "Expensive" Proposition in that now you are demonstrating Commitment to taking in "Refugees", and giving a "Green Light" to others considering coming in, not to Mention the Fact that you're giving The Globalists exactly what they want. As cold as it might sound, we are now looking at The Rotten Reality of what was taking place within the confines of what we have come to know as "The Iran-Contra Affair". Chasing around The Communists in Central America,supporting Corrupt "Regimes" and focusing on bringing down The Ortega Regime(Nicaraugra/Sandinista), and other Communist Movements has become "The Chickens That Have Come Home To Roost", cutting off "Foreign Aid" especially to Mexico may have to be Seriously considered if Mexico cannot or will not deter Movement through it's Country. There is also the very real possibility that there is also Folks from other than Honduras in The Caravan coming to CONUS, A Real Concern and something that Potus Trump has to take seriously and take precautions for(Planning Troop Stand-by and Eventual Deployment).
  5. Phillip: I currently reside in Selden. I too am Prior Service, (See My Profile). Stay In Touch....
  6. As a New Yorker I feel Uniquely Qualified to talk about POTUS Trump. I remember when he just contributed to Political Campaigns both in NYC and NYS, he is remembered here as The Art of The Deal whether it be getting out of a Deal Gone Sour(Bankruptcy) and/or a Potential Politically embarrassing situation. The rest of America is just starting to learn what we in New York have known for a Long Time, yes he does care about this Country, however, Presidents are Selected, not Elected. POTUS Trump will do whatever is in The Best Interest of The Congressional, Military/Industrial Complex, He proved that when he first started putting together his Cabinet. Wall Street was more than adequately Represented; the first Signal of who was pulling The Strings, he will do whatever his Handlers tell him to do if not you'll see a Riderless Horse going down Pennsylvania Avenue. POTUS Trump is a Jesuit, and as such will do what he has to do further The Ends of That Order. POTUS Reagan too was a Jesuit; and when he went off Script you saw what happened, The Elites of That Order are very serious about what they want accomplished and will stop at nothing to see their Vision of The Future carried out. The Citizens of CONUS must wake up to the Reality that they are given only The Semblence of Choice, and if they do not Demand More Accountability from their Elected Representatives we soon will have No Constitution to Fight For, the Last 50 Yrs. were designed to End The United States of America(The Corporation). I did not Risk My Life(Twice) for No Damn Corporation; I gave all that I could for A Republic, Some paid the Ultimate Price for the same Understanding. Some of The National Legislators of Today ducked The Draft and I have no Respect for Them, POTUS Trump will have to Invoke "Martial Law" to "Drain The Swamp". His opposition comprises "The Elite" of This Society many of whom feel that he has Betrayed them with his Current Domestic/Foreign Approach to National Policy. The last Jesuit, POTUS Kennedy failed to see his Enemies until it was too late, Let Us Pray that POTUS Trump doesn't do likewise. BTW, if Folks think that POTUS Trump is Dangerous, wait till they see what VPOTUS Pence has to offer.
  7. GregWrench:  Are you aware of THIS?  HAARP's Covert Agendas-The Big Picture  www.bibliotecAapleyades.net/harp/esp_HAARP_10ntm.  It will make you wonder where all those Sustained Hot Days really came from, at any rate, it isn't only coming from Alaska.....  Welcome to Weaponized Weather!!!

    1. GregWrench


      I had often wondered if it was possible. Looks like it may just be. I'm gonna have to look at this more closely. Thank you .

  8. Just Checking In; I Hope That Everyone Is Enjoying Their Summer....
  9. @Leo,quinn, Yes, there are. Where do you reside?
  10. We did not need The Patriot Act, 43 had the Checkbook in his hand and chose the wrong Country to invade. Obama, came with NDAA, and ultimately wound up pushing through some extremely Treasonous E.O's each more Usurping than the Previous One. The last of which guanranteed his Successor Dictatorial Powers, thereby if Trump does elect to Impose Martial Law the E.O. are already in place to make such a move possible. On the other hand if The Trump Administration manages to Rescind The Patriot Act and NDAA we'll have some Breathing Room.
  11. Here, Here Ripcannon, I'm in 100% Agreement with you. I think that some Folks get it Twisted when comes down to The Veteran Community, quoting Statistics is one thing; knowing Why those Statistics exist is Quite Another Thing. First of all Rules of Engagement call for a different approach to Solving Problems on "The Playing Field", The Armed Forces Brass realized after "The Vietnam War"(A Conflict With Which I Am Familiar) that it didn't take a "High Rate of Concentrated Fire" (Automatic Fire) by a "Squad" to bring a "Situation" in hand. The Exception to this Approach would be facing Company, Battalion, and/or larger OPFOR. Modern Strategies call for more use of "Three Round Bursts" and very Aggressive "Sniper Units/Marksmen", who in Coordination with "High Speed" "Low Drag" Infantry Units making it hard on OPFOR. Also, be very careful about "Lumping" all "Veterans" into One Pot nothing can be Further From The Truth about who we are and how we View Ourselves. 2. You must not be a Veteran because you would not of Expressed Yourself the Way that You Have, 3. Never Underestimate Veterans; it is Tantamount to Disrespect and will prove to be very Unforgiving in the Event that you ever have to Oppose Any in The Future. Yes we have some A~!-Wipes in The Rank and File, while that is True it by No Means is Representative of The Veteran Community as a whole....
  12. I agree with "Bearing Arms", "Buy Back" Programs were "Instituted" in NYC and its surrounding "Suburbs" for quite some time now. All that wound up happening was that solved a lot of "Homicides"(Weapons were bought back with no Questions Asked) and Weapons that were no longer Operative, what the difference here is The Punitive Measure included in This Proposed Legislation. If "Implemented" as is; it should be considered "Gun Grabbing" and here's Why: With current use of Confidential Informants by Law Enforcement it makes for an "Unhealthy Climate" for both "Sportsmen/Women" and Patriots in that you could be going to The Range and if seen by a Neighbor and Reported to The Police it could make for a very Embarrassing Situation. Secondly, where is The NRA on this very "Inflammatory/Invasive" Issue? Thirdly, this kind of "Legislation" if not addressed Immediately will certainly lead to "Nation-Wide" consideration(s), with "Ramifications" into The Future here in CONUS. Fourth, if Truth be Told this is not just about the Ubiqitous AR-15, this is about all Weapons classified as "Semi-Automatic". Fifth, the last Mass Shooting in Texas provides "Solid Proof" that the "The Elites" are seeking to "Disarm" Americans "Period"......
  13. I Understand Where You Are Coming From, However, IGNORANCE of THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE!!! There Are Times That Some People Think That You're "A Donut" and "Try To Glaze" You. He Obviously Came To SIT and Got SAT.

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