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  1. After "Pearl Harbor" & "NAS Pensacola" both before 7 December,(Comemoration of The Attack on Pearl Harbor). I'd Say That The "Elites" have gone out of Their Way This Time...…. Remember: "Boston Bombing" on "Patriots Day", Wake Up People !!! Someone is Trying To Show You What Time It Is !!!
  2. Takeitback, I read your entry and we first must look at Certain Realities about "Certain Group" Activity on LI. (1) Given The Political Climate on LI, advertising in Anyway, Shape, and/or Fashion would "Place 1" on a "Watch List". I don't know in which County that you reside,but, in the County in which I reside(Suffolk); we do have Folks who do adhere to The Constitution. Having said that I'll say this; Suffolk County is an Old Historic Place where there was a "Hotbed" of activity during The Revolutionary War, it is the Home of William Floyd,The Purdy's,and Ketcham Families. Granted, a whole has changed since The Revolutionary War, Demographics have changed and we are for the most part a "Transient Community", and as such are exposed to a lot of differing Political Opinions. The next time that there is a "Show" at "Electricians Hall"(If you are a Member of NRA,or NYR&P you can find out when) that is The Place where you can under Intelligent Tone ask The Questions that you have. (2) Even for sake of argument 1 could develop a "Group". Where would You Train? The Parks for the most part are closed; we are in a"Post 9/11" Area, which means 1 would have to have a "Letter of Understanding" with The Appropriate Authorities. (3) LI has NYS Reserve Units, and by "Federal Protocol(s) is under The Jurisdiction of both The USA & USAF a fact in and of itself would "Prohibit" Activities not covered by Title 10, NYS has a SDF, and as such would not Welcome Any Activity not covered under Title 10. If you are Serious about your Endeavors I suggest that You go about things through already established Means of Community Participation(Block Association(s)&the like) FEMA has Certification Programs (CERT), 1 can start there and achieve 1's intent without being on a "Watch List".
  3. Ripcannon, My Friend I have not heard from You in awhile. I hope that all is well; if there is anything that I can do please let me know.  Well in these Days in Time one never knows where one will be, however, if there is Anything and I mean Anything that can be Done to Aid and Assist Patriots I'll do...….  Calvin .  Combat Corpsman, USN

  4. I See that you changed Your Handle again. III Percenters exists because it only took 3% of The Population to set off The American Revolution, I guess that they did not Teach to many in The Millenial Generation. Be that as it May, The Question That You Should Be Asking Yourself is: If this Country continues on its Present Path as "Policeman of The Planet", how many of "The Millenial Generation" will answer a "Call-Up" for "Conscription"? I submit to you for your analysis; that if you are disturbed at how many people are "Beating Feet" out of here now, wait and see what will happen in the event of a "Draft Call Up" !!! NYS, is becoming Expensive to live here, I know of People who have Retired from Government Employment and are leaving stating it is too expensive to continue living on LI. (2) Everyone is not "Built" to "Fight", those that You think and/or would expect to be Won't, those that You wouldn't even think of asking/expecting to be will, in Selden Patriots I have seen your "Commentary" and wonder many times if you realize that the Folks that You are suspect of wouldn't be just as Loyal as Yourself or any other Patriot would be. In your description of Folks from SW Asia, you should be careful, I am in No Way Disrespecting You, the Truth is that You are moving on Assumption; by that I mean You don't consider The Fact that most Moslems that live in Selden would not "Deface" "Religious Artifacts/Statues" without realizing The Ramification and/or Repercussions resulting from such an "Act". (2) There are "Atheist" and "Wiccans" here on LI, who don't hold in High Regard The Christian Faith or Practice. (3) All Moslems don't Have Melinin in their outer Epidermus, there are Moslems here from Turkey, Morocco,Azjerbijan,Georgia(Russia) who have Perfect Command of English and are Blond Haired Blue-Eyed Moslems. Be Careful, in My Lifetime I've seen Members of The Top Tier (1%) of This Society sell out this Country, Living Alternative Life Styles and still call themselves "Patriots" (3). In order for there to be a "Conspiracy Theory" there first has to be A Conspiracy, the 1 in this Country started in 1863,agreed and put into motion in 1871 and Cast in Stone during Woodrow Wilson's(Globalist) Administration(1913), introduced to "Socialism" (FDR). Those of Us who know took an Oath to A Republic, not to A Corporation. Constitution for The United States (1789-1863), not The Constitution of The United States of America(1863-To The Present).
  5. @ Rev Rifleman: There have been other "Cases". Here is The SITREP in NYS, The Population Density Areas in NYS through Sheer Voting Numbers have been able to Control Public Policy, this is Not An Excuse it is A Political Reality for Now. Virginians, are about to face The Same reality in January if there is No Stiff Resistance from The Citizenry in The Southern/Western portions of Virginia. What will probably be Saving Grace for both NYS and Virginia is if both Sheriffs and Commanders of The Reserve Components of The Respective States are Pro- Constitution(BTW this is The Case in NYS), "The Red Flag Law" was introduced in NYS and is intended to Force The Hands of The Citizenry who since WTC Disaster have been Programmed "If You See Something;Say Something..... Any and all "Buy-Back Programs" have had "Minimal Affect" on "Citizen" participation in terms of "Gun Control", sure Cuomo could try to "Confiscate Firearms", however, he has No Guarantee that his "Edict" will be carried out by NYS Police, Sheriffs Assoc., and/or be supported by The Division of Military,Naval Affairs. Let Us Hope and Pray That Virginia has Citizens of The Same Mindset.....
  6. Dav, The Question That We(Citizens) Should Ask of Ourselves is: How is it that We The Citizens of CONUS allow The 1% to Dictate The Terms of Engagement to Us?  Now, under The Guise of National Security and Anti-Terrorism we find Ourselves now fighting for Our Rights, which we will not have for long and can only Correct through a Total Reset of Congress. Corruption is Running Rampant through Our entire Governmental Processes, The Representatives answer only to The Lobbyists who Pad their Salaries and only to their Constitutients every 2-4 Yrs at Reelection Time.  In order to reassert Control over Our Representatives we will have to Force The Lobbyists out of The District of Criminals. (2) Force The Congressional Representatives to Live in The Districts in which He/She Represents.  In the Case of Taxation there should be No More Sacred Cows; Soon all means of Production will be converted over to Artificial Intelligence.  If the aforementioned is True and it is maybe, just maybe that is the reason many in The Top Tier of Society consider those of Us not in that number as "Useless Eaters". In The Case of Further Cuts in The Economy; Let It Come Via The Congressional,Military-Industrial Complex. (3) Democrat/Republican are Two Wings on The Same Bird......

  7. I am not "In The Least" surprised about the Unfortunate "SWATTING" of "Whiskey Warrior 556's attempted arrest at his place of "Employment" and subsequent "Raid" at his place of "Residence". I did write a "Commentary" about the "Proposed" Legislation by Brooklyn Borough President,Eric Adams, over Local Government "Purview" of any "Applicant's" "Social Media History" for a Period of 3 Years before that Applicant be considered for a "Target Permit". So, as you and/or any Member of this Site can see it was just a matter of Time before an Event such as this actually Happened, never mind that Gov. Cuomo had already Introduced a "Red Flag Law" of his own. A Citizen Upstate had Thwarted an attempt of a "Break In" at his Residence and defended himself and ultimately "Shot" an "Intruder" with what is being described in "The Media" as an "Illegal Handgun". The last that I heard of "The Case" the Citizen was caught up in a Very Dangerous Maze of Litigation that could possibly threaten his Freedom. What does surprise me is that a Fellow Veteran turned him in, I am reserving any judgement here basically because it is entirely possible that there may have been a disagreement between the two Veterans and someone was actually Threatened and/or felt Threatened. This is 1 of the reasons why it will be Very Hard to develop any Mutual Assistance Groups not only in The Metropolitan Area,but, also The State of New York. Title 10, covers only The New York State Reserve Component(Natl Guard,Reserves,and SDF) any other Groups run the Risk of being seen as "Domestic Terrorists".
  8. The "Opinions" and "Rationale" of the Aforementioned Proffessors is just that An Opinion. They profess to know and if they are Instructing their Students in The Manner as stated in this Video, get Ready for a very Costly,Bloody Struggle which get a lot of People "Maimed" and/or "Killed" for No Other Reason than what may be Perceived as "Political" Assinine Theory.
  9. I have been connected to This Site in 1 way or another since 2016. What I do know for Sure is that there is a significant sized Veterans Community in both Nassau and Suffolk Counties, however, having said that I'll now say this: In order to get them to participate in a Mutual Assistance Group will call for Different Medium(s) of Communications in order to take Full Advantage of The Knowledge to gained from such an Affiliation with Veterans. I say this because I've seen "Commentary" that would make those of with a Background in Emergency Management very leary to participate in Activities in a "Group Format". For instance, I am a Veteran, and during my time in The US Armed Forces; I had the Honor and Priviledge of "Defending Liberty" in both "Combat" and "Emergency Management" WTC Disaster and as a result know that those of Us on LI need to Prepare for "Bugging In" as opposed to "Bugging Out". Why? Basically because during "WTC" All Bridges and Tunnels were "Sealed Off", the only reason that most folks did not realize that was because we were not in a State of Marshal Law. The knowledge and Means of dealing in SHTF Conditions is here, You just need to go about obtaining "Information" in a Way that is Safe and Secure.
  10. Good Choice "Recon". POTUS Trump gave The Hint; I Was on SAD In NYS When Then Mayor Giuliani Outright Rejected a Check From A Member of The Saudi "Royal Family" and as A Reserve Infantry Officer I Remember Thinking What Did The Mayor Know That The Rest of Us Didn't? The Saudi "Royal Family" are Controlled by The Israelis and That Is All That I Have To Say About That...…. Ever Wonder Why It Is Considered To Be A Impardonable Sin To Be "Critical" of Israel? Even Members of The US Congress Are Being Expected To Take "A Oath To Israel"? They Are Not Members of The Knesset of Israel, They Are Members of The US Congress. Go Figure !!!
  11. Among The Northeastern Woodlands People I Am Known As Okeechobee Windhawk…..  Aka CCW, in NYS, "LI Bandit".

  12. Good Afternoon All; Still Alive and Kicking. Happy Easter !!!
  13. Now That I Know That You and Black Wind are One and The Same. Just Maybe We Do Have A lot In Common, It Would Be Nice To Have A Unit Here In Our "Area" Stay Tuned "Let's See What Happens".
  14. Any idea on how to contact ny lightfoot off of Facebook?

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    2. Calvin Champion Woods

      Calvin Champion Woods

      New York Freedom Fighters

    3. Ryan250


      Ccw I got in contact with the nym and I am going to start putting together a unit for Long Island under the New York militia flag. I could definitely use the help if you are still looking for a group. 

    4. Calvin Champion Woods

      Calvin Champion Woods

      I Am Interested.  Please Phone Me at: (631) 419 - 6790.

  15. I Find The Proposed Senate Bill as A Repulsive Measure as we'll ever see. That Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams even Co-sponsored This Cluster~!@# of So-called Legislation is beyond "Comment". Adams is a Retired NYPD Officer, should know better and furthermore should know better than most Proponents of this Legislation that this will only will Guarantee a Very Strong "Black Market". Most of The Left Leaning Socialists in The Five Boroughs have their Collective Heads up Their Kulus, and know that Violent Crime is not at Level that would call upon this Type of Legislation. This is nothing more than an Attempt to be able to "Cull" the Internet in an attempt to Identify those Citizens who are "Pro Constitutionalists", and as a result will be used down the Line to Confiscate Firearms. Most Veterans within The Five Boroughs knew that this was coming and chances are unless there are any last minute "Hi Jinxs" pulled(Arm Twisting) this Legislation will not make it out of The Senate Chamber. That most of The Citizens of NYS are involved in preparing for "The Holidays" does not help matters at all, there are enough of us in the rest of NYS to render Some Very Stiff Resistence. This is just one of Many Reasons why this War on Constitutional Rights will probably go Kinetic, The Globalists are doing everything within Their Political Power to make Conflict Inevitable.

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