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  1. @Matt in West Virginia: Yes that is Precisely what was done in The Virginia Legislature. Mike Bloomberg strategically dispensed of his Wealth in a very Deliberate Manner. IMHO, what was done in Virginia, was a way for The Democrat Party to "Thumb" their Noses at The National Rifle Association(Hdqtred in Northern Virginia). What we can take from this is the following: The Democratic Party has been Planning to take advantage of all the recent Newcomers in CONUS(Illegal Immigrants), in so doing hopefully will stem the "Hemmorhage" of a dependable "Base" that is continuing to walk away, In Truth Matt; The Democratic Party is about to Undergo a Very Frightening [email protected] in The November,2020 General Election. What's more there will be another visit to "The Woodshed", this time it'll be during "The Mid Term Elections".
  2. CCW here; in the upcoming Months Citizens in ( The Boros),Nassau,and Suffolk Counties will here about "Lightfoot" Units.
  3. Just Checking In With You. Hope That All Is Well.  I Reached Another "Milestone" Last Month, After A While It Just Seems Like Another Day.  What's Happening In Your "Neck" of "The Woods"?

  4. CCW checking in; 2020 is proving to be a Real Monster. I'll stay in Touch....
  5. The Proposed "Act" is a "Big Deal". As Skillet Pointed Out; It is through The State Legislatures that The Ultra Progressives will attempt to "Disarm" Law Abiding Citizens. That only Supports the Suggestion of The Forward Observer when he States: That this current course of Action will lead to "A Balkanization" of States taking place in this Republic. I speak with experience because I have seen Affairs in my Home State continue to go "Down Hill" since The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1993/94, there was no need for a "Safe Act" which was nothing more than a "Knee Jerk" reaction to the "Staged" event now known as Newtown,Ct.
  6. I Am Pleased That A "Flier" Is Now Available. I Hope To Have Some Soon.
  7. G'Day Randi; adopted by The Leni Lenapi People, eh?  I'm not Surprised, You have The Features of an Indigenous Woman.  Now, a Partial Answer to The Question that You Posed to Me Yesterday; The C-17's are 1 of the Modes of Transportation used by "Paratroopers"of The Army Airbourne.  With this Current Deployment of Troops, this will bring The Number of Troops (Total)65,000 Deployed to SW Asia.  Remember that at Best that Number is an Estimate, MSM is "Screaming" "Bloody Murder" about The Drone Strike just the other day.  I didn't hear all that "Concern" when BHO conducted more "Drone Strikes" in the "First" 2 Months of his Administration then POTUS 43 did in 8Yrs.  Now these "Fools"(The House of Representatives), want to Now pass a Resolution to Limit POTUS Trump's War Powers; again "The Drone" Attacks conducted by BHO were done without The Consent of Congress.  While viewing NewsMax(Conservative Media), the only Domestic Media that I view, it was mentioned that The Democrats are going to begin Exploring Ways to "Politically Weaken" "Rural America".  This of course is nothing "New" to You or I as New Yorkers, because 1 of The Reasons why We have been "Saddled" with likes of Andrew Cuomo; is because his "Base" of "Power" is in "The Population Density Areas" of NYS(The 5 Boros), Albany, Buffalo,Rochester,&Syracuse).  I was born  in Suffolk County(Amityville), and raised in Massapequa LI.   I was "Caught" in The Last Draft conducted in NYS, had a "Draft Lottery" No. of 62, withdrew from SUNY Cobleskill, chose The US NAVY and became a Combat Corpsman.(Medic) upon Discharge from The Navy, I obtained a BA Degree in Political Science.  I have had The Honor and Priviledge of Teaching Cold Weather Survival Course at USMA West Point, took Courses at The School of The Americas, JFK Warfare Center, and War College.  As mentioned in Earlier Communication I have held a NYS Commission as an Infantry Officer, 0-3,S-2,S-3.  Last time"Federalized" WTC,COIC, 42ND ID. I am FEMA , SEMO, CIMS, DEC Woodlands/Wildlands Search&Rescue,NBC,Communications and other Skills. 

  8. I'll look into This; I'm sure that by Now that You are aware that "Paratroops" from The 82nd Airborne have been "Deployed" into "The Middle East". I have Associates that I can Run This By and I'll get back to You.
  9. While it is True that Cuomo does need a Tailoring Job; this Petition for Calling for Removal has been a long time coming. It will be the beginning of A Process that should include all The Folks responsible for some of His Rash Decisions, (1) The NY Safe Act; which is at best a Knee Jerk reaction. NYS, upon His Election as Governor, was already under The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. Mr. Cuomo came into Office with The Safe Act in mind and was waiting for An Excuse to Implement the Act. A lot of Night Sessions and a lot of Arm Twisting later he got what he set out to accomplish. After going through a lot of Judges, some Appointed by his Father, Mario Cuomo, we now have a "Draconian" Gun Control Act. This couldn't have happened to A Better Guy....
  10. I realize that The Obama Administration made Agreements with The UN, and this pretty much "Cinches" up what many Veterans on LI Thought would Happen in NYS. The "Debacle" in Northern Westchester County proved to The Cuomo Administration that "Gun Confiscation" was better left to "Outside Sources", however, with a Large Portion of The New York Reserve Component concentrated in The Southeastern Tier of NY including Armour; MRAPS,& Tanks(SI Richmond Co.). It appears that The Elites have Dug themselves "A Big Hole" for 2 Very Salient Reasons: (1) Most of The Law Enforcement in NYS, is Not in Support of The Safe Act(Fear of Over Reach&Abuse by The State Legislature). (2) All National Guard Personnel and Their Equipment are Under The Direction of The NGB(National Guard Bureau) who is put into Activation at The Behest of The POTUS. For a Bonus,(3) Most of Law Enforcement and The DMNA(Division of Military and Naval Affairs) does not Support Many of Gov. Cuomo's Positions on The Matter of "Constitutional Rights" of The Citizens of NYS. I Submit to The Members of This Site the Following: This has been planned for Years Ago, Maybe Now Everyone will Look Up Obama's Executive Orders and realize that The Authority and Jurisdiction of The US Constitution is being challenged and that POTUS Trump is being undermined.
  11. Randi, I Am Honored That You Consider Me Worthy of Your Time&Energy. With That Said: Lets Ally For Liberty!!! I have something that You Might be Interested in reading.  It is an Article "Posted" on This Site from INFOWARS dated 31 December 2019 it is Titled; New York UN Office Recruits Paramilitary Troops For "Disarmament" and "Reintegration" of US Civilians. I was Traveling yesterday; to visit an Associate of mine on "The Poospatuck Reservation" in Mastic, LI,NY. On the way there I have to pass by The Suffolk County Complex(SCEMO,Suffolk County PD Hdqtrs,&The Suffolk County Jail and Vehicle Yard), We have had for sometime now had a Fleet of Humvees stored there, Yesterday, there were only 4 out of over 25. All The Hummers were Spray Painted "White" with "Police" stenciled on the sides.  I don't put anything past any "Politicians" in NYS, especially Andrew Cuomo.  Let me know what You Think after you have acquainted yourself with The INFOWARS Article.  Happy New Year !!!

    1. Randi Altman

      Randi Altman

      Wow, guess I’ll need some gun safety training and faster than I’d have thought.  I expect they will eventually come in like stormtroopers and shot everyone who doesn’t comply

      Yell, and we’ll come running.

      This is what happens when you legalize murder 


  12. @VTConcernedCitizen: I agree with You "A IIO%", and ask that You excuse Me. You are Right; Ruby Ridge and Waco were additional Examples of Use of "Military Surplus", especially Waco, Ruby Ridge was only different in that LE(Federal) employed FBI Snipers, what They didn't Expect was "The Resistance" that They Encountered. WACO, on the otherhand Demonstrated Clearly to those of Us that were paying Close Attention what The TPTB are willing to do in the Event that they Encounter Stiff Resistance. Over the course of Time, the Truth will come out about what really Transpired at Jonestown in Guyana, That My Friend; was 1 Hell of A Psyop …… That a US Congressman was Killed only leads 1 to wonder what it was that The Congressman saw that led to His Demise, "Ain't That Much Kool-Aid" in This World or Any Other going to Kill that many People. An NBC Attack could do that kind of Damage......
  13. Dav, I have seen "The Surplus" that was given to "Law Enforcement" because as it was designed in The Overall Plan by The Elites that in order for them to accomplish what they wanted(New World Order), it was "Imperative" that they had the "Upper Hand". This "Countdown To Civil War" began with "The L.A. Riots", "The Elites" intended for POTUS 41 to use The Marines from Camp Pendleton against "Rioting" Citizens in LA, I say "Rioting Citizens" because Contrary to Popular Belief "The LA Riots" wound up being Carried out by More than just "Melinated People". We both know for a "Fact" that absolutely No One that understands about "Emergency Management" does not begin Ops with "Deployment of Marines"; in Overall Sea,Air,Land "Battle Doctrine" that is Not Their Intended Purpose. POTUS 41, should be praised for Resisting The Urging of The Elite to Use The Marines; imagine the Images that would have been seen on The Evening News with LAVS running over Folks and Machine Guns "Popping" Folks like Grapes it would not have been a good look, a Real [email protected]#-Show for sure. "Ferguson" was another "Example" of what is to come in reference to The Utilization of "Military Surplus", Yes, there was a "Disturbance" however, The Rioters were in No Way prepared to Oppose "Military Vehicles" that demonstration of Armed Might was about 1 thing and 1 thing Only; CONTROL. We would possibly really seen "Anti-Riot" Tactics during "The Baltimore Riots", Thank God that Calmer Minds prevailed otherwise what Vehicles that were brought down from Ft. Meade would have given The American People a Solid Demonstration of MOUT. I sincerely hope that The Members of This Site Study what You have so graciously Passed On to Us, it should be Digested and put to Work in All Training Cycles across This Nation. You may not want War in Your AO; but, War is Interested in You.....
  14. I am very sad to Hear about Spirit Sniper's Resolution, but he has to do what is in his Best Interests. @ Randi Altman, Brother I'm with You, if We Cannot Stand Here then Where? I am not from the "Kind of Stock" that will "Surrender" My Unalienable Constitutional Rights to Anyone,Government or any Other Entity. I Took An Oath(Twice) to "Defend This Republic" against All Enemies Foreign and Domestic..... This is Extremely Personal for Me in Light of My Heritage as an Indigenous Man of This Continent NYS in particular, this is a Takeover by "The Globalist" and it will not "Stand"!!!

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