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  1. IV 416: Sounds like "The Handle" of "A Corpsman". The "Times" have created strange "Events", at present there are Folks who are active and Folks who want to get Active. If you are interested; Let's Stay In Touch, there are Activities taking place on "The Island" and there are "Veterans" involved as well as "Veterans" waiting to get involved. The "Climate" on "The Island" is such that a lot of Us exercise Caution, basically because of "Scared As Hell" Politicians, Wary LE, a lot of which do respect The Veteran population of both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Don't worry, so far we haven't seen anything yet, and The Sitrep will get Worse before it gets Better and I've a Feeling that ANTIFA will have to Learn The Hard Way That What Happens In The 5 Boroughs; Happens In The 5 Boroughs and LI Has and Always Will Be of A Different Character and Culture.
  2. "The Best Way To Pass Unfavorable Legislation is to Create The Need For It".....
  3. Fall Back and take Care of Yourself first. Your of No Good to Anyone if You are not of Optimal Health. Secondly, You would be well advised to Respect The Reality of The DHS in NYS, No One is cowering we are just Smart(Stop saying that You run a Militia) in a Post 9/11 State with "Scared As Hell" Politicians who talk out of both Sides of their Mouths. Third, familiarize Yourself with Title X as it pertains to NYS, it is pretty much Self Explanatory. Fourth, if you follow through on The First 3 Steps; You won't bring Unwanted Attention to Yourself and Your Overall Health will Improve. There is a lot going on around You that You are not aware of and it is being Carried Out in a Very Specific Manner by Folks older than You who understand "The Lay of The Land" in NYS and in Particular the expected "Responses" of both Politicians and Law Enforcement.
  4. This appears to be The Direction in which we are Headed. We must be Careful and Keep Watch over This Matter, a lot can be done because of a Quarantine. Keep in Mind that POTUS Trump did not touch and/or Rescind The NDAA, if he did not do that it also stands to Reason that he did keep in Place BHO's Executive Orders. Just in Case there are those of You that may think that this is No Big Deal; ask The Good Folks of New Orleans what The Authorities were willing to do as a result of The Emergency caused by "Hurricane Katrina".
  5. Todd, there will Yet be a Reckoning, These So-called Elites are so Smart that they are Stupid !!! If The Fed had not Pumped 1.5 Trillion into The Stock Exchange we would of been caught up into a "Economic Reset" that would of "Surpassed" anything experienced in 1929. "The Elites" are aware of this and will do Anything to Forego that Sitrep. Oh, they do Plan on Resetting The Economy of this You and I are in agreement, however, it must be done under Controlled Conditions(Everything is about "Command" and "Control"). If this were to Go Down any other way, it would force Awake A Sleeping Giant and subsequently force an Air of Suspicion by The American People who never believe Anything coming out of The District of Criminals ever again. The Question that We should be asking of Ourselves is: Where is All this Money coming from for a Cure from a Virus that we now have in Our NBC Arsenal? (2) Everything that we now have on The Commodities Market from Textiles to Medication is Made/Produced in The People's Republic of China... So Who Is Zoomin' Who Here?
  6. Nancy Pelosi needs to go "Quietly Into That Good Night", she is becoming a Real Pain in The [email protected]!!! What a "Douche Bag"!!!
  7. All who have made "Comment" here are "Right" in Their Respective Assessments. I really agree with "Dav",Doug 1943, Let Freedom Ring, and Claw Hammer in what should not be done with "The Patriot Act". Agreed, it was put into Effect to further "Restrict" Liberties and Freedoms of The American Public, which in and of itself "Opened" The Proverbial Door for "Abuse". Where it really became "Threatening" is when it was reinforced by Obama's NDAA and subsequent Executive Orders, further Danger was "Guaranteed" with the "Drone Strike" on Aw-Alaki, which set the "Tone" for "Political Execution" of American Citizens deemed to be A Threat To National Security. No FISA Court, No Constitutional Consideration(s), just determined to be a "Threat" and what is so "Hypocritical" about this whole Sit Rep is that You Have "Politicians" since 9/11 carrying out "Hits" on Their "Opponents" and nothing is ever said by "Corporate Controlled Media".
  8. Todd: I really do appreciate "Your Postings". You and I are 2 Older Veterans with Our Hands on "The Pulse" of "The Political Elites", who only seek to cause "Misdirection"/"Confusion" to an already "Obfuscated" Sitrep. I only wish that I could talk to You about Certain Realities that made up "The WTC Disaster". I was serving as an S-2,S-3 with The Armed Forces State of NY, attached to 42nd ID&53rd Trp Comm, COIC of Communications running everything from Sat Links to Handhelds if it Transmitted and/or Squawked between NY and The Mississippi River it went through Me. 3 MEM Taskforce(s) Wingfoot,Steel, and Liberty, it started out as "A [email protected]#" however we did get Untracked to be able to be very Instrumental in Overall Emergency Management. If you believe that some "Dusty [email protected]#$" "Sand Jockey's" who only learned how to "Fly Cessna's" but, somehow "Graduated" to 747's, to do what they are Accused of; I've Got A Bridge in Brooklyn That I Can Sell To You Real Cheap..... TCBS !!
  9. Todd, both You and Liberty Prime have a Point,but, I want to Focus on what You've Stated. (1) The US Military has been Focusing on Behavioral Modification Methods since the 1950's, that We know of, the 1960's For Sure. It has been said that 1 Factor involving "The My Lai Massacre" may have been "Mind Expanding" Drugs, and if The Truth be Told the same can be said about The Situation involving "The Jonestown Mass Suicide". I'm abit older than You and know that during The Vietnam War there was quite a bit of Rumor about The Confirmed Kill conversation that The Pentagon kept "Feeding The MSM" and subsequently The American People. If you do your Due Diligence which I'm positive that you will, You'll find a Report about an Army Veteran that was Experimented on during The Vietnam Experience that was Compensated for Such An Experiment. Dr. Timothy Leary did a lot of "Experimentation" with "Mind Expanding" Drugs in The 50's and 1 such place where an Experiment was Conducted was in Southern France. Couple that to "Experiments" conducted in US Dept.of Corrections(Whitey Bulger") and You'll find that TPTB are very much Complicit in this "Modern Day Phenomena" called "Mass Shootings". The Best Way To Pass Unfavorable "Legislation" is To Create A Need For It...… I've Got A BONUS For You, You're Gonna Find Out That The "Corona Virus" is The Creation and Escapee of some NATO Chemical Warfare Laboratory.... It is interesting that You mentioned "The Washington Navy Yard, how was Young Man able to get Past Security with a Shotgun? Knowing that he suffered from some "Mental Trauma" why would someone take a Chance and give a Work assignment in a "Security Sensitive" Facility to someone who fit that Profile? The same Person who sent RICIN through The US Postal System....
  10. @Matt in West Virginia: Yes that is Precisely what was done in The Virginia Legislature. Mike Bloomberg strategically dispensed of his Wealth in a very Deliberate Manner. IMHO, what was done in Virginia, was a way for The Democrat Party to "Thumb" their Noses at The National Rifle Association(Hdqtred in Northern Virginia). What we can take from this is the following: The Democratic Party has been Planning to take advantage of all the recent Newcomers in CONUS(Illegal Immigrants), in so doing hopefully will stem the "Hemmorhage" of a dependable "Base" that is continuing to walk away, In Truth Matt; The Democratic Party is about to Undergo a Very Frightening [email protected] in The November,2020 General Election. What's more there will be another visit to "The Woodshed", this time it'll be during "The Mid Term Elections".
  11. CCW here; in the upcoming Months Citizens in ( The Boros),Nassau,and Suffolk Counties will here about "Lightfoot" Units.
  12. Just Checking In With You. Hope That All Is Well.  I Reached Another "Milestone" Last Month, After A While It Just Seems Like Another Day.  What's Happening In Your "Neck" of "The Woods"?

  13. CCW checking in; 2020 is proving to be a Real Monster. I'll stay in Touch....
  14. The Proposed "Act" is a "Big Deal". As Skillet Pointed Out; It is through The State Legislatures that The Ultra Progressives will attempt to "Disarm" Law Abiding Citizens. That only Supports the Suggestion of The Forward Observer when he States: That this current course of Action will lead to "A Balkanization" of States taking place in this Republic. I speak with experience because I have seen Affairs in my Home State continue to go "Down Hill" since The Clinton Assault Weapons Ban of 1993/94, there was no need for a "Safe Act" which was nothing more than a "Knee Jerk" reaction to the "Staged" event now known as Newtown,Ct.
  15. I Am Pleased That A "Flier" Is Now Available. I Hope To Have Some Soon.

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