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  1. Valley Food Storage is a company offering a wide array of food products for preppers, campers, and survivalists. They can be stored for many years (up to 25) as long … Read More Original Source
  2. “For people who wish to harvest, process and use their own herbal medicine, I can think of no better introduction than the dandelion.” Gregory L. Tilford, herbalist There are already … Read More Original Source
  3. You won’t be able to pick up cooking oils when the grocery store isn’t available. And, most of meals we cook on a daily basis need some kind of oil. … Read More Original Source
  4. Editor’s Note: This article has been revised and updated for 2018. Every prepper worth their salt stores water and lots of it. Not only that, they store one, two, three … Read More Original Source
  5. A satellite phone is a life-line for those who live off grid. If you need emergency services and/or rescue you need a reliable way to get help. For preppers, satellite … Read More Original Source
  6. Timilon is a company that makes a lot of products, most of which have to do with air quality. The Fast-Act sample kit that they sent to me contained a … Read More Original Source
  7. There are two kinds of food bars that are useful for preppers. The first are high-calorie and plain food bars meant to provide daily rations in emergency situations. You usually … Read More Original Source
  8. Tegology is a company that creates interesting and useful tools that combine technology with everyday carry. This review is all about one of their portable camp stoves – the Tegstove … Read More Original Source
  9. IF you are tired of paying $2-$5 for a tiny box of crackers then this is the article for you. I am going to tell you how to make crackers … Read More Original Source
  10. These days crime is rampant and if SHTF or a disruptive event occurs, it will get worse. Here are 20 crime prevention secrets for preppers. We need to know this! Original Source
  11. Short range radio communications have some major advantages at times. First the radios used are often much more functional and rugged for general use than a cell phone and besides … Read More Original Source
  12. There are a lot of things missing in a lot of the premade medical kits you get out there. For major trauma you are usually on your own to add … Read More Original Source
  13. Your choices for off grid refrigerators have never been so wide. While some of you may be team propane, others are going to want a 12 volt option that is … Read More Original Source
  14. Not all situations need to be met with lethal force. A lot of the more common attacks on your well being are scary. You have to be able to assess … Read More Original Source
  15. Every level of prep needs a pepper spray. It can provide simple protection from everyday assailants, or it can even be an effective and non-lethal option to defend yourself without … Read More Original Source

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