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  1. Originally celebrated as a victory lap, where the cavemen would dance and get drunk to celebrate another year of avoiding becoming the saber-tooth tiger’s dinner. View the full article
  2. The holiday season is a time to be grateful for a nation in which we have so many blessings and when we stop and think about the future, and what it will bring. View the full article
  3. The information provided in this following article is an excellent starting point for every prepper that needs to find his way into emergency preparedness. View the full article
  4. There are always things that come along, which require changes to the best of plans. But having a plan helps you decide what things are worth changing the plan for. View the full article
  5. Prepping your garden for the upcoming winter gets you started on all those vegetables, flowers, and fruits. These spring and summer delicacies are worth it! View the full article
  6. First, having a generator available,in a SHTF situation is like winning the lottery. Yet, a working generator comes with advantages and disadvantages. View the full article
  7. There are no less than 4 types of fluoride present in our drinking water: calcium fluoride, sodium silico fluoride, sodium fluoride and fluosilicic acid. View the full article
  8. If you’re the 1 in a million people who haven’t yet heard, 2020 is an election year. You know what that means: we’ll be bombarded with campaign ads and polls. View the full article
  9. People that start to prepare know there are dozens of things they need to buy and that they should do it ASAP to make sure they have the proper stuff when SHTF. View the full article
  10. Without following a few simple but essential safety rules, your own lack of respect for firearms can cause injury or death to your or others around you. View the full article
  11. A bug out bag for traveling reduces your travel anxiety, and boosts your self-confidence, knowing that you have the means to survive should a crisis occur. View the full article
  12. Right now, I’m not talking about being prepared for a TEOTWAWKI event; but rather, being prepared for the personal disasters which happen in our lives; View the full article
  13. Moderate consumption of wine can provide health benefits spanning the gamut from cardiovascular and cancer risks prevention to skin improvement. View the full article
  14. A good breathing pattern during exercise, especially during activities like swimming or jogging, is essential in making sure your muscles receive enough oxygen. View the full article
  15. Before you end up growing a sustainable garden or establishing a bartering system with other survivalists, you must survive the first week on your own. View the full article
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