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  1. When a hurricane or other natural blockbuster storm is headed your way, it is only natural to wonder if you are really and truly ready for anything that comes along. […] View the full article
  2. We in the prepping community tend to think in terms of the big disasters; TEOTWAWKI events. That’s what most of us write about and that’s what most of us base […] View the full article
  3. Every medical emergency is unique and different, and the most important thing in a survival situation is to have proper knowledge on the issue. View the full article
  4. As the name suggests, Pink Himalayan salt is light pink in color, comes from the Himalayan mountain range and contains more than 80 trace minerals. View the full article
  5. Be sure to vote, and vote what your conscience tells you is the right way. Don’t just vote your pocketbook. Don’t just vote for the party of your parents. View the full article
  6. Today, many people that look at this list of “deadly plants” will do everything in their power to uproot them or avoid learning more about them. View the full article
  7. The enormous interest in guns may lead you to believe you have to own as many guns as possible and have military or law enforcement experience. View the full article
  8. If you're the average American and your prepping funds are a constraining factor, have no fear, because prepping on a tight budget is not an impossible task. View the full article
  9. I’m sharing the knowledge of over 40 years of being a survivalist so you can protect yourself and your family, when the inevitable disaster strikes. View the full article
  10. This is a guide that anyone can follow – we’ve specifically chosen designs of shelter that are easy to construct, no matter the resources you have with you. View the full article
  11. Being attacked by an animal, whether it’s a crazed dog on a street or a bear when you’re outdoors hiking, is a scenario no one would enjoy even contemplating. View the full article
  12. Dogs are excellent hunting companions. They provide assistance in hunting, protect their owners in the wild and can also retrieve small birds and animals. View the full article
  13. Is our military, which is trained to fight wars, not to seal the border, going to start shooting at unarmed civilians, even if they are an invasion force? View the full article
  14. If you’re facing a short-term emergency, lose power, or need to bug-out, your kit will keep you going while you get yourself where you need to be. View the full article
  15. If you want our recommendation without reading this entire article, we suggest the short barreled AR-15 rifle in 300 AAC Blackout, 7.5in barrel. View the full article

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