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  1. I believe in the same principles that you do Marine. It is in our blood and as brothers and sisters we can move this forward to be a formidable level of protection associated with the cooperation of governmental resources; as long as they represent the Constitution. It is time to not only unite on the internet but in practical and real terms. Having a messenger and spokesperson will be a key for all to understand our aims of protection first of our families and way of life.
  2. I believe a nationwide militia is a good thing for overall communications and consolidation of resources. I do feel that there should be state representatives and leaders who can filter messages especially those critical ones that tend to be distorted or lost during crisis periods (as they are in wartime scenarios)
  3. 22032 I would like to be considered for part of leadership. It should be the group who chooses leader.
  4. The training and physical fitness tests are the same for Marines. I will though still make the point that forced integration of both sexes and transgender individuals came from politicians not the military.
  5. I feel that there are great comments to my post but want to clarify myresponse. I served 26 years in the military 8 enlisted as Marine and Armyand 18 officer in the Army. All in combat billets starting with Vietnam in1971. During that time, of course there were no women in combat. It wasnever the intention of the military services to allow women in combatbillets due to reasons of safety, lack of strength, pregnancy, etc.However, due to the social engineering of Congress and DoD, the serviceswere forced t integrate. It is not an ideal situation for the US and I wasreferring to Kurd women as a means to show they can if the reasons are therefor their involvement - which there is. However, the feminization of men inschools and other external influences have negatively influenced ourmilitary. I now work as a civilian at Marine Corps Headquarters andassociated with both women and men Marines. Some women of course arecapable of just about anything a man can do but as one post stated thatshould not be the overriding reason for integration. However, I do feelthat since women want equal opportunity in everything, they should not beexcluded if we need to revert to a draft; which may be on the horizon.
  6. Ask the Kurdish YPJ brigades who are all women and fought against ISIS. Some of the most courageous and best warriors in the world.
  7. Seeking unit in either the Fairfax, VA or Front Royal VA areas. My primary residence is Fairfax but spend much time at Front Royal cabin.

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