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  1. So who made it the Rallies that were held at the State Capitols this past Saturday? In PA we had maybe 500 people, much better than the past but still not as good as it should have been. 

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    2. Megatron


      Was keystones covering security of everyone lol

    3. Megatron


      Yeah wood stove keeps the house at 75

    4. Andrew Jackson

      Andrew Jackson

      My family and I along with a good friend attended the rally in Montpelier Vermont. There should have been 10,000 people there in light of the recent unconstitutional attacks against the second Amendment. We only had about 400 supporters standing for freedom. There are many new people running for office to replace the traitors that ignored their oath and the will of We The People. Now its time to have The Federal Supreme Court defend The Constitution. There has not been a whisper made from the Vermont Supreme Court. I am very happy to announce that a Patriot is going to be running against the Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders : )


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