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  1. Pardon my language but THAT VIDEO IS FUCKING AWESOME Yes I too miss Reagan.
  2. nice write up. Good info to have these days with these damned fools. They started here in Charlotte few days ago..... Think they only lasted one day though
  3. Dont live there but have house near you. On 441 between Sylva and Franklin.
  4. http://uevl.org/forums/index.php

    1. fixer


      i own an IPB too www.truckpullers.com

  5. Hey mate, where abouts you at

  6. I have a cpl options for handling PDFs that should work with Xenforo if you want the info, I can dig it up. I run a gaming site for our Star Citizen Fleet and use them.
  7. Not too bad. Based off some familiar work. I have a couple military based ones as well. Ultimate-Survival-Skills-Guide.pdf
  8. Amen Brother, too many coffee table soldiers out there. They think its all glory and happy endings. We need to be ready for shit to get real, and probably soon.
  9. Hi there, Gaston County here also.


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