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  1. Same thing I have been saying. I just can’t fathom what’s so damned difficult to understand about our rights to protect ourselves loved ones and property.
  2. Lincolnton, NC, not far from you

    1. Wes Teseniar

      Wes Teseniar

      Been looking for some some support close by

  3. My only real issue is this And as the United States has grown and changed, so has the definition and sanctioning of militias. As I am aware there has been zero amendment to that constitutional right. So no the definition has not changed, only how they are defined. Yes there is a difference. Think about it Your right to free speech, speedy trial, legal representation, etc are afforded you without question. Any constitutional right related to guns in anyway are a right you have to prove you have. Now does that make the least bit of sense. To me people are picking which parts of constitutional rights they like and agree to but anything else they whine and cry until those rights are restricted illegally I might add. Just my opinion.
  4. Pardon my language but THAT VIDEO IS FUCKING AWESOME Yes I too miss Reagan.
  5. nice write up. Good info to have these days with these damned fools. They started here in Charlotte few days ago..... Think they only lasted one day though
  6. Dont live there but have house near you. On 441 between Sylva and Franklin.
  7. http://uevl.org/forums/index.php

    1. fixer


      i own an IPB too www.truckpullers.com

  8. Hey mate, where abouts you at

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