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  1. I love seeing so many people join! Make sure you get out to vote!
  2. Is it okay to advertise the my militia website on the Californians for Trump Facebook site?
  3. Awhile back I had started watching YouTube videos where Sen. Alan Grayson was questioning the inspector general on where a trillion dollars went to. The total amount at that time that had gone missing from the Federal Reserve was 9 trillion. Unbelievably, with no sense of urgency, she more or less said no one was investigating it. Now the amount is up to 21 trillion and here’s the latest info. that’s come out. This is taxpayer funds. http://americaoutloud.com/21-trillion-unaccounted-u-s-dod-hud-tied-covert-ops-un/
  4. Hey everyone! At 57 I may not be able to keep up with most but I’ll do what ever is needed to defend my country and fellow Patriots. One has to look no further than the UNs website and their Agenda 2030 to see the plans Obama and Clinton had for our country. I will fight against this NWO at all costs. I presently live in Vallejo, Ca. And will drop everything if needed!
  5. Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year! God bless Trump and his family!

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