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  1. Creating legislation after legislation to further prohibit our Right to Bear Arms by creating obstacle after obstacle for law abiding citizens to purchase, possess and maintain a firearm as well as ammunition. I was completely against any type of activity that could be considered insurrection, however you can only push a person so far and infringe upon their livelihood and pursuit of happiness so much before they decide to take up arms against Tyranny and Oppression. This new liberal socialist government is going to push every radical and far left piece of legislation before a liberal house,
  2. We knew it was coming. They are going to completely destroy the integrity of the United States Constitution. The words Shall Not Be Infringed means nothing to liberals.
  3. AOC is just a privileged and entitled drama queen. But she should be worried, she should be very worried, not about Republican representatives in the House, but she should worry about the 74 million Americans who voted for Trump that absolutely can't stand that obnoxious P.O.S.
    1. Blackjack


      It is ridiculous that such evidence exists and the President still gets impeached.

    2. CaptObvious


      It made no difference, they were gonna impeach him either way.

    3. Blackjack


      Yeah, the more I'm seeing on this, and the fact that it was an obvious set-up, the more convinced I am that impeaching Trump was the entire purpose

  4. I was just reading an article where all these liberal media groups are trying to rebuke that Antifa and the left played any role in the "Capital Attack". Here's what I'm gathering. Anyone who presents anything resembling evidence of Antifa planning or being involved in the Capital Attack has their page deleted or removed. Anyone who shares something supporting the involvement of Antifa has there post removed. I'm posting a link to a Newsweek article and see if anyone else sees the pattern of there was something posted, but it was removed, or some liberal fact checking group says not true
  5. I see you use the SF crest "De Oppreso Liber", were you SF? Just wondering if you went to JFK Special Warfare Training Center and if so what year and what MOS? I went through in 1991 as an 18D. Believe it or not my primary MOS was 95B10 and I got pushed into it by my Battalion Commander.
  6. This is the beginning of the Obama administrations Third term in Office trying to ensure that the New World Order is fulfilled. Notice many of Biden's cabinet choices are repeat offenders from the Obama disaster. Biden will continue to obey his socialist masters like the puppet he his. They presented Biden as "Good Ole Joe" when he is a shell of a man with the mental faculties of an Alzheimer patient in a nursing home. Biden was the face of an established Democratic white man they sold to the public with the ulterior motive of putting KooKoo Kamala Harris in the White House. His
  7. Well 74 million Domestic Terrorist White Supremacist Racists supported Trump so I doubt no matter what liberals label us that we will fold and succumb to socialists.
  8. Well if you ask law enforcement these groups are disorganized and not even controlled chaos. They have the ability to communicate on Social Media openly under the guise of protesting against Social Justice. Additionally anyone who stands against or disagrees with their hypocrisy is then immediately labeled a racist or white supremacist. We are scared of being labeled either of these, even African Americans who disagree with them are chastised. They also like mentioned earlier very well funded by liberals trying to prevent themselves from being labeled, because if you don't contribute you a
  9. @2 Cents Since we are talking myths, I think that the bullet at the top brass ball was to be used to ensure Nancy Pelosi is not allowed to continue in office.
  10. If we keep allowing these Libtards to INFRINGE upon our 2nd Amendment we wont even be allowed to possess a slingshot.
  11. @2 Cents Something to that effect. Lol. However if they put the items in the gold ball at the top then how the hell do you reach them? The Garrison Flag pole on major installations is usually between 80' to 100' tall. Sorry I'm a hell of a Patriot, but if I'm about to be overrun I'm not gonna wanna be climbing 80 to 100 feet in the air on an aluminum flag pole for a razor blade and some matches. 😅
  12. @Nat flag carrier I'm sure when you get taxed for the first time under the Biden administration and they completely remove our 2nd Amendment so that you can't even possess a slingshot, or when gas prices exceed $4.00 a gallon, then you will feel duress.

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