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  1. If there is anyone in North Central Arkansas or South Central Missouri, we have a training group reach out to us at [email protected]
  2. I am looking for people to train with. If you would like to train and network with other like minded people, let me know.
  3. I hope they run as good as my Glock's. I will be picking up a couple if they do.
  4. Cleaning kit is a good idea.
  5. How much do they cost, and where do you get them? I think they would work like a flash bang but not be restricted like a real flash bang.
  6. I have some resupply buckets made up, they contain: food, batteries, medical, ammo and water, in that order from bottom to top.(the ammo should be in mags but it is not because of cost) So each bucket will resupply a two man buddy team. More buckets for bigger teams. Now my question. What else would you put in a bucket?
  7. They were and are good people, just not very active. Some I think have joined other groups. I was the only one in my area. I had to travel 2 hours for each meeting or training.
  8. That is a good video. Search all of their medical videos.
  9. I am in North Central Arkansas. I was a member of the Spartans before they disbanded.
  10. Taurus


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