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  1. Nella, Miss B and Chris, there are so many types of operations and agenda. That is not bad but people need to be in the right fit for them. max, and Chris touched base with me via. Email already. Max knows the direction I d like to take and why I hesitate to put it on this site, I have found there are too many that just want to know so they can run their mouths but never have any effort to input. my email [email protected] let me know if you want, what you are interested to see in a unit.
  2. I was with a good group as far as training, we were affiliated with a couple of other groups .we lost our Field training location and the train shed we built partially due to something beyond stupid that two morons from a visiting group did. I find that way too many people in general seem to have agendas and no flexibility to work with others. I’m out with a granddaughter this evening so need to get off here is my email [email protected] Drop a note then we can maybe talk on phone And exchange notes there. That goes for anyone else reading this. Is getting close Max ,( see January 2017)is one of the guys that was with us . Max hooked up with group also. I need to touch base with him.
  3. Have you been in a unit/group and what are your thoughts about what units should be. Training/prepping for..?
  4. Wandering coyote what’s your general location
  5. I’m out here in Klein/spring. Just checking in, not sure what direction I’m going in. Anyone just wants to talk check in and welll figure it out
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