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  1. Guess I dropped the ball on that one. What I meant to say was, "People with violent criminal histories, such as a robbery or a burglary where someone was shot or hurt by the perp, or a crime where someone was irresponsibly shot in a pre-meditated-malicious-vindictive-execution style"...I'd be very comfortable in denying those types from owning a firearm. But that's just me. I'm not for throwing the Constitution out, but at some point, I think common sense does have to kick in. The Constitution was not written with the intention that it would cover 100% of the situations. The authors expected those in governmental positions to be able to exercise reasonable judgment and make decent decisions-conditions dictate methods. The news media and the politicians, have demonstrated (time and again) to our civilian masses, that they've got very tainted and questionable judgment. They seem to attack everything except the problem. What they do, wastes a lot of time and resources. Just a thought. Max
  2. I guess you can afford to think that way if you have a lot of money. Max
  3. Yep...gun control legislation does'nt necessarily keep the nuts from acquiring them. There will always be a fringe element out there someplace (and I think they make up a minute portion of society), who are willing to act in an unethical, unscrupulous, and criminal manner. And the perps who are guilty of mass shootings, ought to be looked at 'under a microscope'-are they on psych meds, do they have criminal records, are they even eligible to have firearms, where did they get the illegal firearm and who did they get it from? The answers to questions like these never seem to come out, so it makes you wonder if they even ask these kind of questions. Gun Control is a drastic failure. The problem is not with the gun, but with the person using it, and that isn't exactly rocket science. Just a thought. Max
  4. To say the NRA is responsible for gun violence throughout the country, is baloney. It makes no sense. You might as well say something like, 'Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, and all the automobile manufactures are to be held responsible for the highway deaths throughout the country'. Just a thought. Max
  5. I don't see anything wrong with off-duty LEO's carrying concealed. I'd think that a congregation in the pews is just as vulnerable to mass shootings as a school. Why not approach the problems realistically by allowing cops to protect those who may need protecting. It is pretty bad when you have to worry about getting shot, in a church (of all places). Max
  6. Does'nt really surprise me. Most people who handle guns are probably responsible enough to handle them safely. Of course, there are always those who don't do what they should do, and accidents can happen because of that; it often casts the dark shadow of stigma over those who do everything responsibly. You could say the same thing about all kinds of things. Drunk drivers are an example. Too bad the news media does not seem to look at it that way.
  7. From what I've heard, the Garand was the only semi-auto battle rifle that was standard issue to infantrymen; most soldiers, in those days, had bolt action rifles (like 98K's, '03 Springfields, Moisin-Nagants, Enfields, or Arisaka's) and the bolt guns usually could'nt fire quickly like the M-1. That gave the Allies a big advantage. M-1's were heavy, solidly built, accurate, and because of their weight, absorbed a lot of that recoil from the 30-06. But it could also be pretty tiresome to carry one around all day. I suppose when you're in the middle of hostilities, adrenaline kicks in, in which case a person doesn't notice how heavy the rifle is. Max
  8. I've heard different sides of that historical issue for years, and few people seem to agree on the causes of why it started in the first place. I suppose it was like other wars where a lot of soldiers became soldiers for personal reasons reasons instead of political ones...some may have wanted regular food, and shelter and the army afforded them that oppurtunity...maybe some of them were on the lam-after all, the best place for a deserter to hide is on a battlefield...others might have been looking for some kind of adventure in their lives, etc.,etc.. What I'm trying to say (while not doing a very good job of it) is that a large part of the infantrymen in the North and the South, probably had no idea of why they were about to execute a frontal assault on a row of cannons loaded with grapeshot, and did not have a clue as to the political reasons behind any of it. Just a thought. Max
  9. I don't think of myself as a 'gun nut' in the derogatory way that Dems use it. Instead, I like the term 'gun enthusiast'. After all, one mans trash is another mans treasure. I absolutely use, handle, and own guns in what I consider a responsible way, and I've done all that for years and years. If the Democrats have a real problem with gun ownership, then maybe it is because they are actually incapable of using, handling, and owning firearms in a mature fashion. And seeing how maturely these guys act around the news media, maybe they hav'ent got the mental faculties for responsible gun ownership. Just a thought Max
  10. That was a close one for those guys...they were very fortunate. Guess they'll use better judgment in the future. Something to think about. Max
  11. You will hear no complaint from me on that one. It's about time that these nit-wits started to be held accountable for their deliberately irresponsible, deceitful, malicious behavior. Hope it goes off the way it is supposed to. Max
  12. What can I say? What has happened in Baltimore, people were already aware of-that restrictions on gun ownership and rights do not cause crime rates to go down. And Baltimore is not the only place where this has shown up. How much proof does the media and government need? It doesn't seem like they are interested in proof, because the proof is all over the place and they appear to ignore it; it's more likely that they're only interested in pushing through with their own agendas (whatever they may be). Just a thought. Max
  13. If those guys are proven guilty of treason beyond a reasonable doubt, hanging might be too easy. Lock 'em up for life with no possibility of parole or amnesty of any kind-that way they might have plenty of time to mull over what got them there in the first place. Downside of locking them up for life is, taxpayers would have to foot the day- by- day bill. Your idea might be more economical. Just a thought. Max
  14. Brother! Isn't it great to know that the welfare of our country, along with the welfare of millions of its citizens, is left in the hands of such honest politicians. What is wrong with people? The citizenry seems to be uninformed and apathetic, that it allows these kind of guys to take office. Max

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