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  1. Those M-N rounds are pretty darned powerful. Russkies proved they were effective when using them against the Germans. I like the Winchester 70 and the Rem. 700 in .308.
  2. I'm gonna keep my M-4 too cause' I agree that the 5.56 will most likely continue in the game for a long time to come, but I am going to eventually acquire something like a 6.8.
  3. Looks like the .308 is pretty close to the 6.5 out to about 300 yards. Both are great rounds, though. I am not likely to attempt a shot beyond 300 yards/meters. A guy could carry more 6.8's than 7.62x51's, because they're smaller, and depending on grain size, are just as hard hitting. When do they plan to officially adopt this caliber? I have nothing chambered in 6.8, so I may end up making a trade. Until then, I've gotta' be content with my 7.62's.
  4. I'd be interested to know where this Nadler guy gets his information. Unless I read it wrong, he mentioned '40,000 people killed each year', but he needs to be more specific about what killed them...knives, hatchets, criminals, illegal aliens, car wrecks, etc.. Guess that article shows how vague some of these professional politicians can be, but what astonishes me, is how some people take them seriously, despite the fact that these guys have'nt really said anything.
  5. A 9MM and a the .30 cal.carbine cartridge, are pretty close ballistically. The most hits on man size targets (per round) with any of the U.S. issued weapons during WW II, was the M-1 carbine. I guess that was probably due to its gentle recoil since it allowed you to recover from multiple shots fast. The 9MM is in the same boat-mild recoil and you can bring it to bear on the target quickly. It's a great round, and considering the different types of bullets they are manufacturing nowdays, it can be a serious fight stopper. I'd give it a thumbs up.
  6. Our policy on immigration should be looked at seriously and overhauled. Something that is not talked about is, Presidents Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower, and their reactions to illegal immigration. Hoover deported scores of illegal aliens in order to provide jobs for citizens who needed them, and this was during The Great Depression; President Truman deported many illegal aliens to open up jobs for millions of returning WW II vets; President Eisenhower deported millions of illegal aliens ,starting in 1954 and continuing into a couple of years, and he did this so jobs would be available to soldiers who were coming home from the Korean War-that was designated 'Operation Wetback'. Times have really changed. Politician and legislators seem to be more concerned with winning votes and popularity, than using common sense and doing what is right, which could possibly be the unpopular thing to do and end up costing them votes-ha. Allowing anyone to remain in office for decades, is counter productive, in my opinion. The longer he or she stays there, seems to increase the liklihood that they will compromise their ideals and priorities. Sometimes security breeds complacency; sometimes, the more comfortable a person becomes in their position, the less likely they will be to leave that comfort zone. What can I say-people understand that much. Term limits may not be a bad idea-after all, the POTUS has got 'em, so why not the Judges, Senators, and Representatives. Be sure to pay your taxes on time, guys because millions of illegal aliens are depending on it. Crime and drugs are another issue., Some of those things definitely gets across the southern border, and they do cause plenty of grief and expense for the tax-paying citizen.
  7. It is absolutely amazing what the Democrats are allowed to get away with. I guess a large portion of folks are so apathetic, they never bother to check anything out, or maybe they're just too lazy to do research on a subject. Either way, uninformed/misinformed voters cause a lot of the political nonsense that is going on today, and they do this by voting people into office, who have no business being there.
  8. Not a bad idea. Hopefully the bad guys won.t have shotguns.
  9. True. Commo. is something that is pretty important in the field. But when the hand helds and the cell phones no longer work, when the analog systems are down, a person might have to resort to a different form of info. transfer...something not technically sophisticated-something like written messages or codes that nobody has. After all, its a technique that has been used before and it seemed to work pretty well.
  10. Fixer: Concerning the 42 tips-great info! Need more stuff along those same lines. Very useful/practical knowledge, especially for anybody who may find themselves in the field.
  11. VTConcernedCitizen: You read my mind on that particular issue. Militia units will likely end up doing exactly what you said; after all, they do not have the resources available to sustain a running gun battle, out in the open. Those groups probably need to stay on the move, along with being silent, to avoid being detected, overwhelmed or caught by the opposing force. Thanks for the input, brother.
  12. I agree. These units are pretty diverse and consist of all kinds of folks, but when its all said and done, everybody has something they can bring to the table, and that can be what makes a small group work.
  13. Hopefully, things won't come to that, but when and if it does, there will probably be mass chaos and confusion, because quite literally, I think it's going to take a lot of people by surprise when it does happen. Groups of people are likely to be running around like chickens without heads since they won't know what to do. It's hard to say how a person will react in that kind of a snafu and it is nearly impossible to be specific about the details, because there are a lot of different variables involved and most of them can change in the blink of an eye. The closest thing to an answer that I can come up with is: be as ready as you can be, and have some kind of a plan in the mill: it does not hurt to have a pre-prepared bug out bag on hand: be flexible...able to adapt because conditions dictate methods. In addition to that, a person should keep moving; if we're fortunate, we'll be around land that we are familiar with-kind of like the 'home field advantage', and that could help one evade his adversaries or run circles around him. And a person who has the opportunity to hook up with a like-minded group, is what I would call 'exceptionally fortunate'. I saw Red Dawn when it came out, but I'm afraid it oversimplified a lot of stuff. Hope some of this makes sense. There's a lot more to this than what I said, so please add your thoughts.
  14. The State of the Union was a very good address. Many issues normally overlooked by the media, were discussed by Trump. Overall, President Trump seemed to focus on practices that are beneficial to the country and its citizens, instead of 'king of the hill' politics. That's good. Who, in their right mind, can argue against things that are helpful to the nation and the people in it. After all, it's my understanding that the presidents job involves doing what is good for America... protecting it and the people who live here. I only hope and pray that the elected leaders in this country have enough common sense and courage to pursue what was talked about, and to do the right things for the right reasons. Just a thought.
  15. Gotta' say- Trump did a good job with the State of the Union address. He covered many topics that the media never writes about. He was very even tempered, level headed, and used a common sense approach to those issues (job vs. jobless rates, the need for unity between the parties, economic and strategic treaties, NATO pledges, etc.); in fact, he addressed everything in such a practical way, a person would have to be a bonafide clod, to argue against what he said. But some Dems, true to form, had negative things to say about his speech, but you can't make everybody happy. N.P. had a facial expression that said she was not too pleased, having to listen to President Trump-maybe she doesn't feel comfortable listening to the truth. But even she stood up and applauded at different times. I think Trump gave a shot in the arm to a country that is sadly divided. Just a thought.

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