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  1. Joey:  This might be something that is old hat to you, but it is something I have noticed since I've been going to La Porte; you've got TSM members all around the state-north of Houston, south of Houston, east and west of Houston.  In the event that something breaks loose like a SHTF situation, instead of members from these different areas converging on La Porte, it may be better to have different rally points for different areas.  For instance, if a team lives in the area around Bellville, they could get to a rally point(for instance) in Wallis easily because it is closer than La Porte-they could get there in less time.  That's just an example, but you can see what I'm getting at.  


    The training at L.P. is great, much needed,  and useful...I'm not saying that needs to be changed.  All I'm  getting at is, it might be helpful if members in these outlying areas had a rally point they could get to quickly, without having to drive a couple of hours.  In a SHTF situation, it's likely that the main roads will be blocked, so it can be useful to know of alternative routes since they might end up getting used.  And the sooner an FTM can get to his rally point, the better.


    Of course, this is all easier said than done-finding someone who owns property and is willing to accept the liabilities in accommodating  militia activity, is another matter.  Just a thought.  Don't know of any property owners in this area just yet.  Whad'ya think?   Max

  2. It's a crazy argument in the first place. No question but that the police should be armed and need to be armed; it is stupid and a waste of time for them to even question that.
  3. Garands were great in WW II and it is still is a great rifle. What made it so great in the 40's, was that no other country issued a semi-auto battle rifle. There are a lot of rifles on the market nowdays with larger capacities, can operate just a quickly, and are not as heavy and cumbersome (imagine trekking through the woods all day with one slung on your shoulder). I'm not saying it is no good, but that there are current pieces of hardware that do everything just as well or better. It was great in its day, but the hey-day passed.
  4. Nope. I think it was sort of like marriage...you know how the novelty wears off after a while. Well, unfortunately, I guess the novelty of that unit wore off after a while and it wasn't too long before their interest followed suit. I suppose it is a fairly common thing. If you're looking for a group to hook up with, you might consider the Texas State Militia...they've got units all over the state and I think they're pretty well organized. Best of luck. Max
  5. Greetings from Walker County, Texas.  I know you guys are way up north where ice and snow are a natural thing-and I'm way down south (near Houston) where it is natural for temps to get up in the triple digits.  We're on different ends of the country.  Glad to have some serious pats on  board.  If any of you fellas ever happen to move down to Texas and find yourself looking for a unit, you might check out the Texas State Militia; they're a well organized outfit and it's place where you can pick up some serious-minded, useful training-not to mention that it is a good brotherhood of like-minded folks.  Best of luck and be safe.  Max

  6. Max

    Welcome aboard.  Thanks for being there.  Max KG5EYW

  7. Welcome aboard.  Glad you guys are out there.  I live in Huntsville, Texas, and that is also Walker County.  Max

  8. Welcome aboard.  Always good to grow the ranks with patriots.  Max 

  9. Joey:  Went ahead and ordered some protractors online.  Hope they arrive before Friday.  By the way,  do you know anything about the S.E.R.E. event scheduled for  Nov. 3, and is it open to the Houston group?  Max

  10. Joey:  I missed the last block on Land/Nav and don't have a map protractor; know where I can pick one up locally, or did you get yours online?  Max

  11. Joey:  Good training on the 29th, and there seemed to be a pretty good turn-out.  SAP 3 should be a good event since it's a cap for 1 and 2, and I plan to be there.   Unfortunately, I didn't get around to attending the last Land Nav. training block, but I'll probably get the next one.    Max

  12. Texas State Militia has units and members all over Texas. If you contact TSM-Houston, maybe they'll steer you in the right direction by letting you know what units are closest to you. What can you lose? Good luck.
  13. Joey:  use the name Max Phillips on facebook and let me know if that works.    Max

  14. Joey:  Don't be concerned about the response delay...I understand completely...had a hunch that something unexpected might have come up.  Sorry to hear that your father-in-law had that kind of operation.  Hope the guy is doing okay.  Major heart procedures can be pretty sobering and hectic anytime, especially when it involves a family.  Did he use the Medical Center?  It sounded like he has already had the surgery, in which case, I hope his recuperation goes alrightl...he'll have to take it easy for a while. 


    I plan to be in La Porte on Saturday, the 29th.  I'll bring the Baofeng so you can program it.  Those Sheriff's Office personnel who reserved the Porter range on the 22nd probably got rained out, if their weather was anything like ours.


    I can access the TSM-Houston facebook page.  What'll I need to do in order to register someone as 'friend'?-I'm not real tech savvy. You can text me at 1-936-661-7738, in addition to gecbad132@gmail.com.   Hope all goes well.   See you Saturday.    Max

    1. Joey Adair

      Joey Adair

      What is your name on facebook?  I will add you as a friend, then I can add you to the page.

  15. Don't Know. By the way, I notified several administrators of the approaching FTX that is going to take place in Gatesville. I provided them with the name of the gun range (along with its address)-the times and dates of the event-the three day fee, etc., and hopefully, they will spread the word among other units. We'll see. Hope to see you out there in October. Max

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