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  1. I'm still looking for a unit in the Huntsville, Tx, area, but not as far south as the Harris County/Houston area. Counties adjacent to Walker County are good. Would appreciate it if ya'll would contact me if you learn of anything.
  2. I'm looking for a unit closer to home (Huntsville, Tx) but not down around the Houston area.Counties adjacent to Walker County are what i'm holding out for. Thanks for reading and let me know if you learn of anything like that.
  3. Have gotta'agree with American Patriot. In the case of a somebody close (wife or relative) who happens to be seriously sick or injured-sometimes they're better off...less misery and suffering...almost merciful. But the aftermath is the difficult part.
  4. Good grief! Is there no end to the Dems stupidity!? That guy referred to a long-gun as an AK-15. On top of that, it was stated that an AR-15 is heavy and weighs a lot-get serious! One fellow said, 'I've held an AR-15 in my hands, etc., etc.' and he said it as though that particular feat qualifies him to pass judgement on law abiding, tax paying Americans who revere the 2nd Amendment. It astonishes me to no end when I listen to these clods-I know six year kids who can speak and act more intelligently than some of these so called 'career politicians'. A sad day in Mudville.
  5. The UCP stuff that has been dyed, is great for the woods in this part of the state. Also, the old digital MARPAT fatigues and the South East Asian Tiger Stripe pattern works well in East and North Texas.
  6. If anybody should be red flagged, you'd think it would be gangbangers. They behave dangerously, brutally, and irresponsibly toward the tax-paying, law-abiding part of society; I would not feel guilty at all about red flagging them.
  7. Thanks anyway.  Just thought I'd put out a feeler-you never know.  Be safe.

  8. William Johnson: Howdy. I'm in Huntsville, Texas-where are your groups located? Even if you guys are too far down the road, maybe you could point me in the right direction. I used to train with TSM in La Porte, but because of transportation/vehicle issues, I had to stop going since it was about 120 miles from my place. I'm trying to find something closer to Walker County and want to get back into training: places like Leon, Madison, Walker, Grimes, Montgomery, Brazos, Trinity, San Jacinto, Houston counties are O.K.. If you could give me some leads on the MM-Forums site, I'd appreciate it. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  9. L. Perez: Good to have you on board. Glad to know that there are true patriots out there, because there may come a time (don't know when) when citizen soldiers are needed for their help and support. And that is when the real distinction between sunshine patriots and the genuine article becomes apparent. I only pray that we all have the discipline and strength to perform our duties once the whistle blows. Best of luck and be safe. Max
  10. I'm in Huntsville and looking for a group around Montgomery, Grimes, Madison, Brazos, Walker, San Jacinto, or Trinity county areas.  Know of anything?  If you're looking for a group, Texas State Militia is a good bunch; they train down around La Porte-I used to go there but had to stop attending because of transportation issues. 

  11. I noticed you were located in Colmesneil-I'm in the Walker County area and looking for a unit to train with-know of anything in  east of WC?  

  12. I looked on the map-you're in San Jacinto County out around Point Blank and a little south of 190 and I'm in Huntsville/Walker County.  I'm looking for a unit to train with-know of anything around Lake Livingston, Point Blank, Oakhurst, Onalaska or any of those places?  Would appreciate any leads you could give me.

  13. Howdy. Have been out of circulation for a few months due to transportation problems. Used to train with TSM-a group of good fellas-in the La Porte/Battleground area, but had to stop going, and have not been down there for about six months. Would like to resume training with a group closer to home; Leon, Madison, Robertson, Walker, Grimes, Montgomery, San Jacinto, Trinity, Houston, Polk, or Liberty counties. Maybe I can locate something in one of those areas. If any of you hear of something, message me on the MM Roll Call page. Thanks.
  14. Max

    Fixer:  What areas does Texas Citizens Militia operate in?  I read something that said they have units all over Texas, so I thought they might have something in this neck of the woods.  I don't know anything about them-where would I get an application?

    1. Max


      Thanks for the info..

  15. Max

    Fixer-Howdy.  Was looking on the My Militia site and came across a link for Texas Citizens Militia.  Where do these guys operate?  Thought they might have some groups in the Huntsville area since it said they have units all over the state.  Where would I get an application?

    1. fixer


      Check on there website for contact information 

    2. Let_Freedom_Ring
    3. Max


      Sorry I did not respond sooner, but thanks for the TSM site.  I used to train with TSM down in La Porte and the last time was about six months ago, but unfortunately, transportation problems got in the way and I couldn't get down there anymore to train with them-they were a good bunch of guys.  Anyway, the new app I submitted was for the Central East Region-Region 12 which is closer to Huntsville then La Porte, in fact it is slightly north of Walker County and includes the areas like Madison, Leon, Trinity  counties, etc..  Those places aren't too far from Huntsville and hopefully, there'll be a TSM unit(s) operating in that neck of the woods.  Hope to get back into training with a group, so thanks for the info.. 

  16. I'mTexan-Howdy.  I'd like to start training with an active group again.  I had to stop the training along with the FTX attendance  because I started to have transportation difficulties and distances were too great.  So I had to drop out for a number of months, but now the problem has been fixed, but I'd like to resume training closer to home (Huntsville).  That would be areas like Leon, Madison, Walker, Grimes, San Jacinto, Trinity, Montgomery, or Liberty counties.  I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction and message me at this site.  Thanks-hope to hear from you soon.

  17. Max

    Fixer-Howdy.  I have had transportation issues in the past and had to stop going to FTX's since they were too distant; now, the problem has been corrected and I'd like to resume training with an active group but one closer to Huntsville.  That would include areas such as Leon, Madison, Walker, Grimes, San Jacinto, Montgomery, Trinity, and Liberty counties-places that are easier and quicker for me to get to.  I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction by contacting me on this site.  Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  18. Spectre 6-I am in Huntsville and have had transportation difficulties for a while so I had to stop going to FTX's (too far away); all that has been fixed recently, and I am wanting to resume training with an active group in my area (close by).  That encompasses areas like Leon, Madison, Walker, Grimes, San Jacinto, Trinity, and Liberty counties.  I'd appreciate it if you could steer me in the right direction.  Message me at this site and thanks.

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    2. Max


      Sorry for the late response.  I'm in Huntsville, Texas.  I was not aware you were in Oregon-a very scenic place.  If you've got any leads...great, but if not, and since you are out of state...no sweat.  Thanks.

    3. SPECTRE 6

      SPECTRE 6

      If you're down there you should have piles of guys. I bet if you went to a fun show you would find lots of dudes ready to train or already doing it. 

    4. Max


      That just might be the ticket.  Will have to pull up the list of local gun shows.

  19. Those M-N rounds are pretty darned powerful. Russkies proved they were effective when using them against the Germans. I like the Winchester 70 and the Rem. 700 in .308.
  20. I'm gonna keep my M-4 too cause' I agree that the 5.56 will most likely continue in the game for a long time to come, but I am going to eventually acquire something like a 6.8.
  21. Looks like the .308 is pretty close to the 6.5 out to about 300 yards. Both are great rounds, though. I am not likely to attempt a shot beyond 300 yards/meters. A guy could carry more 6.8's than 7.62x51's, because they're smaller, and depending on grain size, are just as hard hitting. When do they plan to officially adopt this caliber? I have nothing chambered in 6.8, so I may end up making a trade. Until then, I've gotta' be content with my 7.62's.
  22. I'd be interested to know where this Nadler guy gets his information. Unless I read it wrong, he mentioned '40,000 people killed each year', but he needs to be more specific about what killed them...knives, hatchets, criminals, illegal aliens, car wrecks, etc.. Guess that article shows how vague some of these professional politicians can be, but what astonishes me, is how some people take them seriously, despite the fact that these guys have'nt really said anything.
  23. A 9MM and a the .30 cal.carbine cartridge, are pretty close ballistically. The most hits on man size targets (per round) with any of the U.S. issued weapons during WW II, was the M-1 carbine. I guess that was probably due to its gentle recoil since it allowed you to recover from multiple shots fast. The 9MM is in the same boat-mild recoil and you can bring it to bear on the target quickly. It's a great round, and considering the different types of bullets they are manufacturing nowdays, it can be a serious fight stopper. I'd give it a thumbs up.
  24. Our policy on immigration should be looked at seriously and overhauled. Something that is not talked about is, Presidents Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower, and their reactions to illegal immigration. Hoover deported scores of illegal aliens in order to provide jobs for citizens who needed them, and this was during The Great Depression; President Truman deported many illegal aliens to open up jobs for millions of returning WW II vets; President Eisenhower deported millions of illegal aliens ,starting in 1954 and continuing into a couple of years, and he did this so jobs would be available to soldiers who were coming home from the Korean War-that was designated 'Operation Wetback'. Times have really changed. Politician and legislators seem to be more concerned with winning votes and popularity, than using common sense and doing what is right, which could possibly be the unpopular thing to do and end up costing them votes-ha. Allowing anyone to remain in office for decades, is counter productive, in my opinion. The longer he or she stays there, seems to increase the liklihood that they will compromise their ideals and priorities. Sometimes security breeds complacency; sometimes, the more comfortable a person becomes in their position, the less likely they will be to leave that comfort zone. What can I say-people understand that much. Term limits may not be a bad idea-after all, the POTUS has got 'em, so why not the Judges, Senators, and Representatives. Be sure to pay your taxes on time, guys because millions of illegal aliens are depending on it. Crime and drugs are another issue., Some of those things definitely gets across the southern border, and they do cause plenty of grief and expense for the tax-paying citizen.
  25. It is absolutely amazing what the Democrats are allowed to get away with. I guess a large portion of folks are so apathetic, they never bother to check anything out, or maybe they're just too lazy to do research on a subject. Either way, uninformed/misinformed voters cause a lot of the political nonsense that is going on today, and they do this by voting people into office, who have no business being there.

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