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  1. This Day in History: Jockey Hollow, the "other Valley Forge" On this day in 1779, George Washington’s troops move into winter quarters near Morristown, New Jersey. Their long, difficult stay at Jockey Hollow has been called “the other Valley Forge.” Valley Forge makes our history books, yet Jockey Hollow doesn’t. Nevertheless, many soldiers thought Jockey Hollow was the more miserable of the two. A mural from the Jockey Hollow Visitor'
  2. If this a real list... Then iys damn near every thing the constitution was founded own. And even more reason to resist such bs
  3. I did Betsy Ross flag. But i cant wear it at work. They tell me i have to wear it from the time i leave car to the time enter my car.... Psssst i dont. Dont wear it outside dont even wear it at my desk.
  4. Homemade Primer Course, W. Marshall Thompson PhD, April 29, 2014
  5. This Day in History: Covert operations & the American Revolution On this day in 1775, Americans take an important step in their fight against Great Britain: The Continental Congress establishes the Committee of Correspondence. Such a dry-sounding name for what would soon follow: secret midnight meetings, covert operations, and even a fake merchant company providing cover to France and Spain! Perhaps you won’t be surprised to hear that the Committee earned a new name almost immediately: the Committee of *Secret* Corr
  6. Its a real shame when foreigners are more American then our own god dame countrymen.
  7. @Todd A. Slee I hope so. This has been an interesting year to say the least. Server buildings are large and usually set in low traffic areas. Like for example the one in Chantilly. A suppressor goes a long way inside cramped buildings filled with racks of servers.
  8. This Day in History: Samuel Nicholas, First Commandant of the Marines On this day in 1775, a Philadelphia tavern owner is commissioned as commanding officer of the newly formed Marines. Samuel Nicholas received his commission only 18 days after the Continental Congress passed a resolution requiring that “two Battalions of Marines be raised” to support the recently organized Continental Navy. The day of that original resolution — November 10 — is celebrated as the birthday of the United States Marine Corps.
  9. I hope to find out how much of this is factual. I doubt we will ever be allowed to know. But, its all a little telling.
  10. Article Here Sorry this site sucks for loading photos sometimes Ill try again.

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