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  1. Hey I met chong once, I don't think he knew who he was. But yea, I know. That's why I noted that its semantics.
  2. Point being @Reservedfella who is the fraudsters. And other then veritas and affidavits which is evidence of fraud not yet proved to be proof of said fraude. I guess what it is semantics. I will also say it's telling that dominion wont answer any questions and certain people who jave direct information, are seemingly gone and unable to ne contacted. This is evidence of a fire, not proof of a fire.
  3. This Day in History: John F. Kennedy’s assassination and the toll on Jackie On this day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy is shot and killed in Dallas, Texas. You’ve heard the story many times, and you know the many controversies surrounding the story of JFK’s assassination. But do you know what happened to Jackie Kennedy in the days and weeks after his death? The First Lady was there when the President was killed, of course. She famously stood next to Lyndon B.
  4. Irregularities is not fraud until you can prove it is going that way. And his voice is clearly annoyed with all of this. He also wants Trump to win. Hell he voted for Trump.
  5. No he hasn't. He has been pretty constant. He says many times now that im not gonna call it fraud cause fraud means someone has intent. And since right now. There isnt evidence or better said proof of any one or group causing the irregularities. He also said the right leaning members who watch my videos are gonna be mad and the left wing watchers are gonna be mad cause he hasnt fully sided with one or the other. He also states that he is just reading what he sees and giving you his opinion.
  6. Ill see if i can find something on that. @RevRifleman the only thing i foun was that Dunn was arrested earlier in the year fir refusing to put his pistol away. But I see nothing this event of arrest.
  7. I agree, a little civil disobedience is good. It also helps that they are in a group. Cause if they did that alone. They would have been arrested. But as a cluster. No cop is gonna challenge that. If its either personal ethics or I don't want something kick off. Hell they thanked the police and one says thank you back.
  8. It might take some time for them to get back to me. Until then you can browse the area code milita links and post something in the VA roll call. Don't post numbers or personal info on public forums and threads.
  9. Today, a group of militia members openly disobeyed the black face's new laws. Police stood by to watched as militia marched through the street. In the video, which was originally posted by the Silent Majority Media, no arrest were made. Even a BLM member joined in. 21NOV_Disobaying_No_Gun_ordinance.mp4
  10. And if you see anything even remotely being posted that is illegal or against guidelines, then please report it and the admins and moderators will take care of it from there.
  11. Remember opsec everyone. Don't post locations and number or personnel info in public forums and threads.
  12. This Day in History: North Carolina ratifies the Constitution On this day in 1789, North Carolina becomes the 12th state to join the Union. The state was pretty late to the party. By November 1789, George Washington had already been elected to his first term as President and the First Congress had already completed its first session. North Carolina had finally gotten what it wanted, though. The state’s late ratification of the Constitution stemmed from its conce

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