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    Pro-America, Pro-Constitution, Pro-2nd AmendmentAnti-Islamic, Anti-Globalist, Anti-NWO,Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus The Anointed One) is the Word,"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." -- John 1:1"And the Word w
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  1. Welcome CarolinaGyrl! Always nice to see more of us gals here 👍 Look around, explore the forums... lots of good information here. If you are on Twitter you might want to follow us @My_Militia
  2. Welcome Dale! Since the 1990s I have heard various arguments. I live in Texas and firmly understand and believe in the Bill of Rights and in the Constitution. I have (packed in storage but found it on-line, see link) a copy of the Declaration showing the word "united" as originally printed...lower case. It meant and the Founders intended to mean, the sovereign individual States would agree to come together in the Common Defense of each other. Not in a Federalized govt where States LOST their Rights. (See the 9th and 10th amendments) I agree with your position but... I do not know if the Power Holders will relinquish their hold on the States short of a rebellion. https://www.archives.gov/founding-docs/declaration
  3. I agree but anyone who stands with Trump ... I will stand with them. Bigger things at work here. 👍👍🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  4. I love the Hodge Twins. They are strong Trump supporters and funny as hell. 🤣🤪
  5. You can look on Indeed.com, a job recruiting site and find UN looking for DDR officers. They want people who speak English but with experience in Africa! 🤔🤔
  6. Find your state, make people aware! “Texas Sri Preston Kulkarni is a Democratic candidate for Congress in Texas, District 22. *Kulkarni is not muslim but is associated with CAIR. Imran Khan is a Democratic candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Texas’ 6th Congressional District. This list will be updated as more candidates file to run for office.“ https://deplorablekel.com/2020/01/04/muslims-running-in-2020-u-s-elections-list-by-state/
  7. I am just wondering if we used an “earthquake bomb”... we have the ability to manipulate the weather, create Tsunamis and maybe earthquakes 🤔🤔
  8. No doubt it is a Coup and they will be dwelt with however, my point was about the Constitutionality of a 3rd term. Yes, I also favor term limits in Congress and a lot of it would be solved if we could stop voter fraud. Looking back, I am seriously doubting Obama won that 2nd term ... but maybe he did... McCain was a horrible candidate!
  9. This thread is a novel! 😱 There were no Constitutionally established term limits on the President until 1945 when FDR, elected for his FOURTH term but died in office. The 22nd Amendment passed in 1947 and gave us the 2-term limit we now have. Amendments can be repealed. I think we should allow for a 3rd term for ANY President whose first term is “stolen” by the shenanigans of the political parties. Perhaps this will ensure what has happened to Trump will never happen again. I do think no one but Trump could have done what he has done because 1-He was NOT a politician & therefore not compromised and 2-I believe God called him to be in office at this time. Until God wants Trump out, the Democrats will not remove him. I am not on Discord because I can’t get it to work for me. God Bless President Trump & our Constitutional Republic
  10. We really need a “pissed off” emoji 🤬🤬 Screw that witch! She wants violence? Be careful what you wish for
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