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  1. Thank God for Trump! I want the best equipped, and most technologically advanced military yet have it staffed with leaders who will not follow a dictator into a Socialist scheme against Americans.
  2. Polo shirts made by Lacoste
  3. Great image... gets the point across... like Jesse Watters holding signs of politicians and college kids can’t name a single one but show them celebrities and they know the all 😜😜
  4. This comes from people is corporations designing battle equip in the states but having never been battle tested!
  5. I haven’t been in the military since 1974 but I am pretty sure we have superior weapons. Anything we parade about is declassified ... it is the non-declassified they should be worried about.
  6. ImTexan


  7. If you are active on any website, including this one, you are already being monitored. Have a bank acct? You signed away your "right" to privacy by signing that you admit you are a taxpayer, you HAVE to in order to have that bank acct... Have a credit card? Have anything on a loan (house, car, business...?) Have a Birth Certificate (Certificate of Live Birth, government issue)? Have a Social Security Number? Been in the military? Use cash mostly? You know there is a magnetic strip in there and finger prints on the bills... I dare say EVERYONE here is already monitored and listed somewhere. This, to me, is why the groups are so important because we will have to ditch the phones, credit cards and perhaps even the cash and your driver's license (anything that is chipped or tagged). We will have to have a preplanned designation to meet and hold out. AND I will bet my last dollar... any group of any success at this point, has a undercover fed as a member. I am not trying to create chaos but I am trying to cause people to THINK! There are voice analysis software you can buy to check membership or new members. Some can only be purchased by LEO so if you are a LEO and you believe in the coming NECESSITY of our militias, then get your group a software program to protect your group. https://www.lie-detection.com
  8. If the military is prevented from protecting our southern border, the militias have a CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY under the Second Amendment to protect their families, communities and the nation from foreign invaders!
  9. (I am leaving on a trip but just saw this. Felt it too important not to share. Doing this from my phone. ) It appears they are attempting to get rid of the Electoral College and go with the popular vote. https://cga.ct.gov/asp/cgabillstatus/cgabillstatus.asp?selBillType=Bill&bill_num=HB05421
  10. I would be concerned about the legal repercussions against the good guy. I like the idea though.
  11. Anything put in cyberspace is never secret and never gone. That said, I do understand why people are hesitant. Don't blame them either but I have been politically active for 50 yrs so if I am not on a list somewhere by now, that is just pure luck. If you own a gun that you had to get a background check for (not handed down, given or bought from a friend, etc) then you are already on a list. If you buy ammo with a credit card or debit card, you are on a list. In Germany, the schools conducted a genealogy project, handed out forms and all the kids were excited to fill them out and turn these in. I am sure, at the time, that was the only purpose. BUT, when Hitler was ready, he gathered these papers and knew exactly who was Jewish and had their parents, grandparents, etc. Just because you do not want to be out in the open doesn't mean you are contemplating some nefarious act... maybe you just feel you want to remain silent or keep a low profile as possible.... like the bunny in the tall grass.
  12. ImTexan


    I don't quite get the intent here. If Putin had been left out, I would share this.