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  1. If you listen to the MSM regurgitate the remarks of President Trump, you will be sorely misinformed. I heard the press briefing and I heard what he said. Only those who WANT the vaccine will take it. It will not be a mandatory vaccine. Here is a screenshot of what I heard him say. This is from the transcription on the White House website. https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-president-trump-vaccine-development/
  2. I liked the clip capacity that came with it. I have only owned 3 hand guns in my life, a Taurus .357 revolver, a Colt 1911 9mm and a SW 1911 9mm. At this time I don’t have any handguns but I did obtain my CHL so I am looking around for one. I liked the review the guy did in the video. How it fit the hand, the thumb rest and the sights.
  3. YouTube censored this video so I found it on altCensored. I really liked what I saw and I am looking for a handgun. https://altcensored.com/watch?v=XluGPOlE16o
  4. What has ANY of that to do with my comment? If you do not like how the site is set up, that is a completely different argument than my point. Your circular discussion is a rabbit trail I will not go down
  5. If there are any San Jacinto Co militia members who need food or want to volunteer to distribute food, there will be a food distribution by the SJ Volunteer FD on Sat.
  6. How I feel about it. Haven’t had a flu shot in 45 yrs and I will not voluntarily get any vaccine or shot again.
  7. Not true. The vaccines we got as kids are not even close to what they get today. The COVID19 “vaccine” will be nothing but a delivery system for the chip.
  8. Argue about politics? Where did that come from? This thread is on this board, which states: “Off-Topic - No Militia Related Topics Want to talk about something not related to militias? Here is the place.”
  9. I am seeing this thread a bit late but isn’t it on the wrong board? There isn’t to be anything (!) militia related here. 🤔🤔
  10. Love Mark Dice! 🤣🤣🤣 He nailed that guy.
  11. Unfortunately, Mr Greenwood (DA) paints an accurate picture of small town America... in this case.. Texas. I believe in my heart this is exactly the kind of stuff Mike Flynt, who was running for San Jacinto County Sheriff (TX) , is trying to clean up. I hope he wins next time he runs.
  12. These are abt $7.50 each. The Home Depot ones are under $4 each. 🤔🤔👍
  13. Gen Flynn was clearly set up, the FBI lied when they told him he didn’t need an attorney (lesson here) and then they blackmailed him into pleading guilty so the scumbags wouldn’t go after his son. The bastards threatened him with his son! 🤬 Obama was aware and approved... IMO. I hope they all go to jail.... traitors everyone of them!
  14. Great idea. I have some outside. Never thought about it inside.👍👍
  15. I am in San Jacinto County. Houston is just too far for me. I spoke to a guy tonight and I am thinking of starting a San Jacinto Co Militia. It won’t be me alone but a group effort. I feel militias are organically locally based, a communal effort, people know each other and people protect their own better. Thanks for all you are doing. Even though you are calling out for 100 mi radius, Houston and surrounding areas will keep y’all plenty busy! ???
  16. And he knows that how? Because he is speaking directly with the dead? ??
  17. Welcome to the site. LFR is right.... find a unit you feel comfortable in and then see if you want to make it permanent.
  18. I am 66 and remember those as well. The media didn’t have an agenda to panic the public to attack a president either. I heard Trump say... “treat it as you would the flu..” which makes sense because it is the flu. Whether it has been weaponized to do more destruction (higher deaths) I don’t know. Did we unleash it on China? Did China accidentally unleash the weaponized version on themselves? Your guess is as good as mine. Wash your hands, use Lysol and stay away from people who are sick. Same thing we do during the Flu season.
  19. I corrected the context. These were text messages with someone at a college. I can not personally vouch for these, obviously but it does seem to go along with her overall messaging from her Twitter acct. & the CDC website. I do not trust her or the CDC. My only point was that folks should make up their own mind. So glad POTUS kept the borders closed to foreign nationals for now. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/01/31/trump-weighs-more-evacuations-of-americans-from-china-over-virus-109910

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