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  1. Sorry guys stepped away from the Irregulars of Ohio. Doing my own thing were I can get things done without the drama of a large group of people and 1000 ideas that never gets done. I can finally concentrate on the important things that's needs done other then babysitting for 100 people.
  2. Max can you delete my message to you on april 12, 2017

    1. fixer


      got it for you


  3. Iam Jim, commander of the Irregulars of Ohio Reserve Militia, been invovled in the Irregulars since they were 3% Irregulars of Ohio for 5 + years now. Seen good people leave and good ones come in. See the dissolving of older groups and spin offs form. Seen lots of good and some bad out of militia members. Former Combat Medic, worked in the civil service sector almost all my life. Enjoy my drama free, community service, well organized, and well trained militia with certified instructors group now days.
  4. We been attempting to do this for some time. But there are a couple of groups in ohio that bring trouble, drama and illegal activities to the table, i suggest staying away from them....
  5. The irregulars of Ohio Reserve Militia proudly serves Pickaway County, we are drama free, train once a month. Pleae visit our facebook page or contact me on here
  6. BEWARE -- those members of Ohio Lightfoot that were removed have formed a spin off name of their Old Irregulars battalion name ---The Reapers , lead by josh braff.....you all dont need the drama or trouble associated with them. Beware !,, Dont know about all of you but................ I personally dont like liers, i personally dont like thefts , i really hate lying thefts... we had equipment disappear , so hasnt the the Lightfoot ---like lucky charms , magically disappear
  7. Apprears that their Commander - Josh Braff was removed after compliants filed by his staff against him.. Josh was a former member of our group and was removed for questionable activities and other issues prior to him trying to establish the Lightfoot in Ohio. After his removal from us, we recieved many unwanted and unwarrented facebook posts from him and Mr. Patrick Lewis. I would strongly suggest to any group that is encountered by him, or Mr. Lewis ,do your homework, and do background checks on your vetting process. BEWARE
  8. Delaware county - Irregulars of Ohio Reserve Militia checking in. - state wide.
  9. Never allow them to associate you with THE OLD SCHOOL MILITIA...GET OUT OF THE OLD SCHOOL WOODLAND CAMOS .....THIS is THE NEW DAY MILITIA ---- DOING BOOTS ON THE GROUND MISSIONS --- Border Protection / Etc. Wearing new style uniforms --- everybody in your units -- dont mix match uniforms again if photos are taken shows your not a professional group, looks goes a long way, no cigarettes in mouths , no flashing 3 % signs , look professional, it goes a long way .... only my opinon, just like an asshole everybody has one..
  10. I would be on the cautious side. We have implemented a policy in our organization where any requests must go to our G -5 Public Information Officer where any requests are made, they will obtain all information as to why, purposes, persons requesting info, their contact info, etc. Then it will be passed on to State Commander and to the Irregulars Organization Command prior to talking to anyone. At any event, ONLY 1 COMMAND STAFF OFFICER will speak to any press if nescessary, no one else is permitted to. All personal interviews by media must be approved before hand and questions / content reviewed to ensure accruate information is passed out. We have had a articles done on us ...1 by the University of Virginia and is in their library on campus and the 2nd one is in FORWARD MAGIZINE JULY 2017 -- HOW A JEW IN OHIO MILITIA PREPARES FOR ARMAGEDDON. just make sure you have your ducks in a row if you decide to something. As paint your organization ash a community based group --- do community projects , get th e community trust --- goes a long way.
  11. Okay cool seen your in kansas..we have units in texas and arizona , penns and ohio

  12. Commander Ritter , what state are you from sir??

    1. Commander_Ritter


      Kansas, Dead center in the US

    2. Commander_Ritter


      But the Militia that i have needs State Commanders, so we can spread across the country, so we can help more people

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