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  1. 1st SGT. 19th Infantry, 1st Div. Co. A checking in. All is good here in our area. Our next FTX is scheduled for Apr. 17, 78, 19. God Bless, HOOAH!
  2. To all that have reached out. I have sent an email.
  3. Morning Patriots. We are having a meet and greet type thing on March 8th 1300 hrs. If you are seriously interested and you can make it on that day let me know. I will email you the info. We are located in north east Knox Co. That is all, HOOAH
  4. Our meeting is currently set for the 8th of March. We will be discussing future plans.
  5. Morning Patriots. I am located in north east knox county. . let me know if you are serious. I will setup a meeting with the new group of guys and let you know when the meeting is. 1st SGT Urban, 19th Infantry, 1st Division
  6. HOOAH. Welcome. My cousin was a Ranger in Veitnam. KIA.
  7. Good morning Patriots. We are recruiting for East Tennessee Volunteer State Militia. We are located in Knox Co. If you are interested reach out to me. 1st SGT Ernie Urban (Rev)
  8. Good morning fellow Tennessee Patriots. I can not apologize for my absence. Life has dealt us a tough hand that we have been dealing with. Just know that I am back, not as much as I would like but just the same. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  9. https://tennesseestar.com/2019/09/10/commentary-like-it-or-not-war-is-coming-to-the-right/?fbclid=IwAR37KRm1AGyw8WTDTUBbSv5szFPRx4KKpxWByqfjFbi1tNKaKxplfxaPHUk
  10. PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Needs to go, VIRAL Folks, So the Safe Tennessee Project is all in favor of Wal-Mart’s decision to stop selling handgun ammo and handguns in Alaska. I say we seriously look at finding a date that we can voice our opinions and not shop at Wal-Mart. Maybe even for a week to let them know that not selling ammo is not going to stop shootings. We have 600,000+ legal handgun carry permits issued in Tennessee. That would hit the super box store giant’s pockets. It would allow the 80 million gun owners in America to have a say. The Safe Tennessee Project says the stores are now listening to the American people. Well, they sure as hell didn’t listen to me. I now say we take a stand. Tell these gun haters we are stronger than they think. We don’t need to act like ANTIFA to be heard. Hit them where it hurts. Shop Mom & Pop Shops. They are the one who built America. I will do everything in my power to avoid Wal-Mart from this day forward. I urge the rest of you to do the same thing. The week of Sept. 8th through Sept. 14th is NO WALMART SHOPPING PROTEST. Let us make our voices heard. Stop letting the media speak for you. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Div. Co. A East Tennessee
  11. Violence solves everything and while I agree with you on some...what exactly are we fighting to save?

    1. Rev.E.


      If I truly need to explain what we as Patriots need to save, then maybe you need to do a little more research. Our Government is try to rip apart the very fiber of our country to further their political agendas.

  12. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH

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