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  1. https://www.dhs.gov/news/2019/03/18/secretary-nielsen-remarks-state-homeland-security-prepared-delivery
  2. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  3. https://graywolfsurvival.com/157027/disaster-the-first-9-things-to-do-when-shtf/
  4. https://www.primalsurvivor.net/die-first-shtf/
  5. Rev.E.


  6. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  7. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/politicians-just-planned-a-major-attack-on-the-2nd-amendment/?fbclid=IwAR2ijN99o5HzlcL2dXCC0nAAO_-vXW-Nd0a3-B0_i3GyBC6XfdR8TK3h-SQ
  8. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  9. First off I truly appreciate your service. I agree with the whole big bore idea. We have one. That is part of "building from there". We have several in the 308 platform, both bolt, and semi-automatic. None of us are fans of the Remington firearms so we have others. each man has a 6.5 Creedmoor, these are the Savage 10 BA, and all with PST Gen II Scopes. All of our troops are well armed in both service sidearms and AR Platform. Which are all the same standard sidearm’s. My reason for this is that none of my guys will have to familiarize themselves with other weapons in a firefight. Which I am sure you know can be a stressful situation. We also train in the Suppressed SBR Platform, which goes hand-in-hand with Breaching, because at some point you are going to have to acquire additional supplies. For that, we have the Mossberg 500 cruiser with the breacher break. You know for building entry. Everyone’s preferences are what they are. Ours works for us because of our terrain. Most importantly every one of my guys has to understand as much as they can about pyro-techniques. Every one of my troops needs to know how to construct flashbangs. Although primitive they are still functional. The best team is a prepared team. I am not posting my thoughts to have a pissing match with anyone. My intention was to offer my take on how I strategically handle training with my guys with common sense tactics. Every leader has their own methods, which depends a lot on what you have to deal with in a SHTF Scenario. With us, we are mainly a fortified mountainous region group, so we train in such. Our nearest populated area is a good 30-minute drive. There is so much more that we utilize in training and I could go on for hours, My thoughts were meant to be a generalization for the public platform.
  10. I would like to put in my two cents as a 1st SGT in the Tennessee State Militia and a Retired Police Officer. Our group decided to look into the XDm 45 Tactical as a service sidearm, which we did adopt. It is a great firearm in and of itself. The M9 has been the standard sidearm of the United States Navy, United States Army and the United States Air Force since 1985, replacing the Colt M1911A1 in the Army and Navy and the Smith & Wesson .38 Special in the Air Force. The M9A1 is also seeing a limited issue to the United States Marine Corps. Although the M9A1 is a nice firearm I was never a huge fan. And now that I see the contract that SIG just got with the M17, I have to favor with that choice. I would have to say, at this point and time it looks as though the 9mm round is going to be the most abundant when the SHTF. The added Benefit I see to the Sig M17, is we are going to have access to all the parts we would need to keep ours running. This is a huge factor when they try to remove our arms and we tell them to pound sand!. SIG made this sidearm for a reason. You can interpret that reason however you choose. I believe that they made a firearm that is worthy of Military and offer "We The People" this same sidearm. When the M9A1 was offered service terms, we as a people couldn't even get close to that model. The Brigadier is the closest you can get. With the M17 there isn't much other than color choices. All of the frames, slides, barrels, pins, triggers, are interchangeable with every other P320 out in the population. The Modular System is an awesome concept. As for a rifle, I am more in favor of the Reach out an touch someone theory. I know guys who are "Old School", who will swear by the 30-06, and some the 308. I fell into the whole hype on the 6.5 Creedmore, but now I hear the Military is going to the 6mm. If they do go 100% with the 6mm. then we have another whole playing field. the AR Platform is going to be as worthless as your sidearm in a firefight. We all have to remember this, "From a place you can not see, comes a sound you will never hear". That is the motto you have to pay careful attention too. to sum up, my choice for the future of my groups I am suggesting the SIG M17 9mm as a sidearm, some form of Tactical 556 cal, and a really nice 6mm setup. Then you can build up from there. But always keep your eyes open for a change in the Military styling. It makes perfect sense. We will be armed with the same weapons as the very Soldiers we may fight with or against. I can only suggest you take heed in my words and consider this sidearm for a standard service pistol for all of our brothers out there. It is worthy of consideration. God Bless, HOOAH
  11. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  12. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  13. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH
  14. 1st SGT, 19th Infantry, 1st Division, A Co. East Tennessee. Checking in. HOOAH

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