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  1. Interesting article talking about Government trying to change encryption rules on the internet. As much as I don't like PolitiFact with some of their misinformation, this article describes exactly what is end to end encryption. If you think you are using E2EE or End to End Encryption, ask yourself the following two questions:

    1. Did you generate your public and private key?
    2. Do you have to enter a password to invoke your private key to de-crypt your message?

    If you answered no to these questions, you are not using E2EE or End to End Encryption. Someone else has control of both your private and public keys and can open your messages at anytime. Keep that in mind.

    1. Rick wells

      Rick wells

      This sounds like a good idea.

      Not sure ill be smart enough to figure it out lol


    2. Loren-USAPatriot


      @Rick wells similar to most things a good demonstration and some guidance, you will begin to understand and pick up the process. It is easier than you think. Once you start working with it there are many resources on the internet and you can always ask questions.  I have done a couple of Google Hangout Sessions with some of my old colleagues going through the process. We still remain in contact using the encryption.

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