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  1. Interested in joining a local group?

    1. Big Sloth

      Big Sloth

      Yes sir , Absolutely 


    2. Shane pawpaw Williams

      Shane pawpaw Williams


      sorry so late of a response 

      Ive been a little busy with Sally’s mess

      i sent a message 

  2. Interested in joining a local group?

  3. Interested in forming a local active group?


  4. Pensacola is rockin tonight hope everyone in the area or affected by this storm is safe

    To my 850 people really looking forward 

    from the war room 

    pawpaw out


  5. While I myself do not think there’s a snowballs chance in hell... im curious to what everyone thinks. Does anyone believe that there is a chance of us not having to fight for our lives, our country, our way of life and or our freedom? Does anyone think that it can still be avoided? Im genuinely asking
  6. Hello and happy Saturday everyone if I may , i like to propose a meet and greet. I’m thinking it is to our collective best interest 850 232 5449, posting the number again in case it’s easier to text your response or thoughts privately im comfortable with either but hoping to hear thoughts
  7. Question 

    is every damn store USA out of everything?

    you can’t buy anything anywhere 

    In Pensacola, Academy, Dicks mom and pop places all look like they are going out of business 

    no ammo no molle no packs no mags no slings no arrows no nothing 

    12 gauge bird shot and camping tents are on shelf’s along with chinese camping novelties and over priced cheap knifes

    is it just damn everywhere?


    1. White_Wolf


      Online stores are running out of stock too. Civilians are gearing up. 😅

  8. It’s my name on front and back but the middle is most important to me best damn job I ever had
  9. Bayou Chico standing by ham Mobile station going on line soon uv5r handhelds in route
  10. He’s my favorite ass hat he really is his type is common, how big a splinter in the ass is not common can I simple dumb ass countrysplsain myself? i can work on motor, get nasty oily etc and eat a ham sandwich with my nasty ass hands and I’m bonafide red neck but I ain’t sick I get much disapproval but I ain’t sick yeah y’all never ate lunch on a boat after fish guts worm goo and cricket shit kk no sweat but say my paranoid prepping ass goes all Y2K plus the Mian Calendar 2012 and I tank up water 50 gallons at a time dont judge me but if Larry, Darryl and other Daryl keep fuckin around and get some oil that water? Well we got a problem see it ain’t oil that fucks up the chicken dinner its what happens when unchecked contamination is allowed to fester hes a paid clown funny yeah here’s where it goes fucked not only is this ass clown financed, his rabbit ass mind believes it’s real and so do a lot of them wsy more than the Hollywood paid extras you see think them open bolts and every single bit of that is real? beta test? Mental conditioning? Answer fast... you see nfac antifa blm any of them what is you first thought? Reaction? be honest you think fuck them ,?, yep and mk ultra Rex 84 psy op all bull shit you ain’t being constantly stimulated to garner a what? Emotional response ? nope still it’s a looney fucker with a gun ill bet my house deed a 556 round don’t give a fuck how dumb you are how rich you are or care about your God or none it knows after my primer gets hit I go real fucking fast that way that alone plus dumb ass brainwaojis own fuckin self deserves watching but im a red neck i say what I think and don’t really give a shit i will apologize for hurting feelings if I was being a fuckin ass tada im honest at least
  11. Well hell looks im traveling down a path you already been down ill help
  12. Hello all happy labor day Pensacola here checking in 3%organization Florida zone 1 west end yes brother you are not alone! im by the barrancas bridge at bayou Chico 850 232 5449 as soon soon as someone says meet and greet I second the motion so how about it y’all? Structure and goals for 850? Pawpaw standing by
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