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  1. I'm in Lower Bucks County just north of North East Philly.
  2. Please take a moment to post here in this topic to introduce yourselves and start making connections within your area. 814 is a pretty large area and it will take members reaching out to each other to start building.
  3. "We can do it, but need someone with funds. Need to send liaison to different groups across the nation." Would love to follow the money on how this group was able to do what it did.
  4. This guy was dumb as a rock and somehow accomplished what many in the patriot movement could only dream of. Full mobilization and participation of his members to make a statement.
  5. Well you are not alone, I know of a few people that this very scenario took place. It was one of the reasons I got involved in the movement. I'm sure in the coming days they will be knocking on my door...
  6. You wouldn't happen to have been boarding a plane right before you were detained were you? Targeted as part of the No Fly shit they did during the Obama regime?
  7. Prepare for the worst.......... Hope and pray for the best..........
  8. https://www.armysurplusworld.com/ I get tons of gear from them. CCW depends on the state you currently live in. Get that one first. Then supposedly UTAH had the best out of state coverage. Not sure if that changed. Firearms are at premium prices right now, so your late to the game. However if you create an account on Gunbroker.com and you have a good relationship with your local FFL, then finding anything you want shouldn't be too horrible provided you have the cash and the background check is good.
  9. Had a little Russia vs. USA rifle match. The young man I'm shooting against it a savant with a scope and I could never beat him until I found his weakness.... Open sights. The kid can hit a quarter at 800 yards with a scope, but with open sights he couldn't make it past 200 yards. The game we shot here was 6 rounds walked out from 100 yrds to 400 yrds and back Rifles used: Me: Russian PSL in 7.62*54R Him: M1 Garrand in 30.06 Score: 6/6 me 3/6 Him He though there was something wrong with his sights. I grabbed his rifle and hit 400 on open sights with every shot. 🙂 IMG_0
  10. I've run both platforms. I like my AR's better. Lots more customizing available. More common parts. Cheaper to manufacture. I will not discount the AK as it is a very proven and rugged platform. I've never felt the need to purposely fill either platform or any platform with mud and debris just to find out. I will say that I really do love the PSL (Dragnov) rifle. I've won a few friendly long range competitions with it.
  11. I'm still laughing at the "Mr. Poopy Pants". Any chance you can change your handle to that? Sorry my juvenile side is showing today..... I'm just joking 😉
  12. In all seriousness, this topic has some great info from all that responded. Sometimes it is even helpful to read the negative side of the subject at hand. It adds perspective when you get both sides of the coin. The hard part is to not take it personally when the negative side calls you a moron. LOL

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