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  1. Can you get me in touch with your commander? Is anyone talking about fighting this coronavirus shutdown in anyway? If not, why aren't they? If you ask me, it's time. 

    1. Grey Fox .338

      Grey Fox .338

      I am the commander of my group and one of the supporting advisers to Mymilitia.com
      Having said that now to your question at hand.
      There are lots of conversations that I'm privy to that have indicated their unhappiness about the Shut downs effecting our state and many other states. There are several initiatives that have started pursuing legal actions against the State of PA and other states.
      So, outside of the legal avenues, what are you proposing?  

  2. Posted this for the members of my group. I figured I'd share it here as well.
  3. Homeland Shield Members, Seems things have ramped up significantly with CONVID-19. All levels of government are beginning to issue restraints on public events. Public and private companies are canceling events at a mind boggling rate. Consumers are rushing to stores to stock up on many of the consumable products we take for granted. The Media driven hysteria is showing no signs of fading, and in fact as of this mornings reports, it is getting much worse. The Media is not backing down. Travel bans have been issued to areas of the globe and may very well be expanded. The Stock market is plunging at a fast rate and small business that rely on public gathering is tanking fast. New York has already deployed it's National Guard to contain CONVID-19 in Rochelle NY. It's a matter of time before we see other states jump on the band wagon declaring "State of Emergency" and future deployments. I know that many of us have been making light of this situation, (myself being one of them ? ) However I do take this situation very seriously. I'm not overly concerned with the actual virus. To me the numbers just don't add up. I am however very concerned as to how our Governments are reacting in response to this virus. Keep us informed about escalations within your localities. Be sure you have the supplies you need to take care of your families. Be sure you have the needed supplies to protect your families. Last but not least " WASH YOUR HANDS AND FACE!" PA State Co
  4. You guys have any interest in getting some decals? I made a few for myself.
  5. My bad, I see that Grayman has taken the lead position. Let me know if you need any help. I'm the State CO of Homeland Shield and I can get you set up with initial SOP's and stuff like that. GreyFox.338
  6. Good morning gentlemen, Anyone here want to take the lead position of this group? GreyFox.338
  7. All Members, You will find your corresponding area code based groups in this link below. Just click the link find your area code and join! https://www.mymilitia.com/area-code-militias/
  8. Jayhawker, You will find your area code group in this link.
  9. Looking forward to helping build out the area code based teams!

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    2. Grey Fox .338
    3. Grey Fox .338
    4. Grey Fox .338

      Grey Fox .338


      I've included the link to the 610 My militia and the link to my own group. Check them out and feel free to reach out to me.


  10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/homelandshield.pa/ It is possible that one of my officers attempted to get ahold of you but if you didn't see the contact request. Please request to join again and I'll keep an eye out for you.
  11. I'm Local to you, I live just outside of Langhorne, in Middletown Township.
  12. 215, 267, 610, 484 I'm already the State CO of Homeland Shield, however I'm willing to help anyone in the State of PA get established and support their individual groups within the PA area codes. The 4 area codes above are local to me. Additionally, any of the area codes in NJ are local to me. I'd be happy to help establish them as well, but they need to come to PA for that, LOL. I try to stay out of Jersey.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/groups/homelandshield.pa/ If you are looking for a like mined group
  14. PA Homeland Shield My fellow Patriots, We have experienced a large influx of new members over the past few months here in the State of PA. With the current political climate here , there are many stepping forward. If any of you are interested in more information, please visit us here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/hsnational/
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