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  1. Ok im definitely interested and would like an opportunity to help this country and the people in my area. Not sure if e mailing me direct would be better?
  2. Id like to know if there is anything I can do to help or be a part of because I love my country and I want to do anything to protect. If theres anyone I can contact.
  3. I am in Massachusetts and am looking to do whatever I can to join and help the cause.
  4. Hello my name is Lawrence. I live in Springfield Massachusetts and I have been watching fairly closely whats going on in our country and I really don't like seeing our cou try being trashed, verbally and physically. Our police are get ambushed and shot, fireworks thrown at them while mainstream media trys to paint everything g as peaceful. So what I would like is some sort of guidance in how I can help and maybe hook up with like minded people in my area but am unsure how.

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