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  1. I think it is funny how some people don't condone violence. If we all thought that way, there would never have been an American Revolution, Civil War, WWI, WWII and so forth. Sometimes it is the only method when you are being backed into a corner they will not let you out of. In my opinion, this is as bad as the Attack on Pearl Harbor!
  2. This is a war in which both foreign and domestic enemies are trying to over throw our government and take over our land. Civil war at this point is inevitable! You may not like hearing that, but reality is, just like in the 1700's during the American Revolution, we will once again have to fight for our freedoms and put the traitors and criminals away!
  3. I am former US Army Infantry/Communications and Warrant Officer Flght Training. I served in The Washington State Militia, starting out as the Communications XO and ended up as a Capt. Since then I have been diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy and had total knee replacement surgery. I don't have the running and jumping capabilities, but am willing to serve in most any form.

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