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  1. From what I understand you are much better off staying where you are at. Its easier to defend. You know your surroundings. Just be sure to have a bug out bag incase you do have to bounce. Make sure you have a route to get out. If you need to bug out on foot. Just nake sure you have a map on you. Try to avoid main streets. If your out in the country stay off main roads
  2. I heard that a group of 700 people went on the move today. Dont know what group or where they are from. Waiting for mine to give the ok
  3. Pvt Getsum Ohio Patriotz III%ers here. We are definitely looking for people here in Ohio to join the group. We are not a hate group nor are we a racist group. We are also a Defensive group. Not a offensive group. On other words we will not throw the first punch but if swung upon we will do whatever it takes to protect ourselves. We do a lot of training and are a tight close group. We stay in contact on the daily. We are very active. We follow rank and to as commanded. Uf this is something your interested in please fell free to get ahold of me. [email protected]
  4. Looking for patriots in toledo . Looking to train with and get to know. The more you know and train with someone the more effective and efficient those people become as team
  5. https://mewe.com/join/ohio_minutemen_militia_recruiting_page


    feel free to join our group. We are accepting new members right now, Jerry 

    1. Jack wine

      Jack wine

      I did fill out the questionnaire and submitted it back to you.  Thank you

  6. I'm in Lucas county.vim ready to do what ever it takes to get the job done. Im I'm here and waiting to be called upon.

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