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  1. U.P.P Recruitment Ad.mp4 U.P.P Recruitment Ad.mp4 20200830155311.mpg 20200830155311.mpg 20200830155311.mpg 20200830155311.mpg 20200830155311.mpg
  2. Greetings To all of you Patriots looking for a Militia Group to join, or to form in the 215, and 717 Regions. We Have Heard You !!! I am Old Soldier from the United Patriots of Penna. III % ers, and the 1st Blue Ridge Mt. Volunteer Constitutional Militia Groups. In these dangerous times in our great country, we are going forward in this recruitment drive to secure like minded Patriots to help us build the 215, and 717 Regional Coalitions, and hope to seed at least one group per county in the respected Regions. We stand for the Constitutional Rule of Law, an
  3. Saiga brother, as you, and me know being old soldiers, if your target ain't at least 200 meters away, you are not real shooter. Snipers usually work in teams first of all, and second you are trained to keep a solid distance between you, and your mark to evade being cancelled, or captured yourself, or your team mate. You have brought out the true art of being a shooter, and this is a lesson any young troupe should take very seriously, I commend you brother, Old Soldier. P.S. any militia would be very lucky to have an experienced shooter like you in their group. 20200830155311.mpg
  4. Hello Digger, welcome home brother, it sounds like Ya'll have lived a full life, and have a find pair of sons. I have finally gotten off the fence, and have joined the U.P.P III% because the communist are not only on our property pissing on our bushes, their in our house, and we just can't have that. I am a Viet Nam era vet., 7Th Army 5Th Group, U.S. Army Recon Commando, and I hate communist, and just didn't do enough them back in the day. My goals are to start a new militia group, and to teach Conventional, Unconventional warfare, and Political Science on communism, to the younger militia mem
  5. Hello Sherry, thank Ya'll for contacting me, I have had a little trouble getting to learn the site, I am basicly computer illiterate, but I am slowly finding my way around the site. There is a reason I am called Old Soldier, when I went to school we were still using stone tables, and chisels, ( ha Ha). Thank Ya'll again, and when I get up a little money, I will donate to Ya'll to show my appreciation, but first I have get a debit card, just joking again. Please take care.

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