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  1. I’m interested in hosting a meeting.  I’m at the airport in Stevensville the address.  200 Airport Rd., Stevensville Maryland 21666.  I’m open to any suggestions my schedule is reasonably flexible. Looking forward to getting a group together

    1. NottaSnowFlake


      I’m interested in being there. How do we go about getting a group together?

  2. I just joined today. I found out about this group on Parler. I joined Parler because I was done with Twitter and FB censoring everything they disagree with. It seems like the only way to reach middle america is go to the conservative websites, like Parler and read the comments, then recommend sources like ‘mymilitia.com’ to those you trust. That’s why I’m here. I wanted to know what I can do to prepare for the chaos that will probably take place on Nov 4, if not before then. That are a lot of people like me out there. They just don’t know where to go for guidance. I wa

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