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  1. Let me know. I grew up around fort oglethorpe. Maybe we can get one started around here
  2. No... not one that seems to do anything. Im out of Lafayette. This area needs something
  3. i heard on the radio that antifa is coming to sand mountian located in northeast Alabama, southwest Tennessee, and northwest Georgia. Is there any conformation on this? Has anyone heard anything?
  4. Any ideas on what its going to take to get organized? Everyone on here wants to partake in the resistance. But i can't even find a militia for my area. We have less then 50 days. Im not trying to be an ass, but this needs to happen now. Our kids need us, our elderly need us, our heritage or liberty and our freedom is in the air. Let's band together and organize.
  5. is there any talks of blm/antifa causing disturbances while people are trying to vote? What can we do to ensure safety for the citizens? You know the liberal terrorist are going to try do somthing like drive-bys or block voting precincts. Just wanted to throw this out there
  6. Does anyone find it funny that these blm/antifa terrorist tards go around and tear down our "slave owner" statues. But yet... they still want money with pics of these said "slave owners" on our currency. I just love irony. -GOD BLESS AMERICA 

  7. im seeking a group. I live in northwest georgia and new to this. Can someone give me some information? Thanks
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