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  1. Best thing to do if form a club. Four licensed techs can apply via aarl for a club call sign. http://www.arrl.org/
  2. Would should moderate a chirp file and make it available. Might be the best roll call ever One important point to make here is if you’re going to broadcast legit then it’s not too hard to find out who owns a licensed call Sign.
  3. http://Www.repeaterbook.com or go to your App Store and dL the RepeaterBook app for all of your state repeaters
  4. New England report - Seems our protesters are remaining “peaceful”. Portland, Maine - the police station, said they’ll be back with a larger protest on Sat. Providence, Rhode Island - blocked the highway in a march to the police station, local media complaining they erected barriers and prevented them from reporting on it. Boston, Massachusetts - continued protest at Franklin Park Since March. Manchester, Connecticut - small protest with 12 people still standing on a street corner this morning. Manchester, New Hampshire - Protests continue... planning several events over the next few weeks. Vermont - seemingly quiet.
  5. The polling station I go to is a national guard location. Good luck to them. Will have GoPro mounted regardless.
  6. “To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War
  7. Lol everything is ahead of it. I’ve broken several hand helds doing the above things I listed. Keep that one in your draw lol. Like sunglasses, buy em cheap and throw them away before you lose them. Spoiler... China product..
  8. Uv5r not even programmed for gmrs out of the box. Need to chirp it. Ive built repeaters using two uv5rs and two standard aux cables. Very effective... Hoist into a tree or position on high ground And not only increase range but decrease obstructions. All for 50-60 bucks at that time. word to the wise... upgrade the antenna to wip and get some DC battery adapters. Shoulder mic for camping and hiking. Headset for hunting...
  9. Uv5r went from 25 to 45 in local stores here due to the demand. You can still get them online for cheaper but I would go with something with more power and digital capabilities if you have the cash.
  10. So a couple nights ago someone tore through my front yard doing donuts in a go-cart taking all of my signage out at 1am in the morning. Kids saw them tooling through the neighborhood the next day and followed them back to a neighbors house with a Biden sign. My first thought was to go trash their signage but instead I figured they might get the message better if I gave them one... wife’s not too happy with me about it but oh well.
  11. Love seeing these driving the road. Makes me raise my fist out the window every time. Raise the Stars and Stripes higher please! 🇺🇸
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