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  1. Try this remix on for size, those of you that like Viking/Nord music. https://soundcloud.com/user-102231663/song-of-the-vikings-my-mother-told-me
  2. Much appreciated. I've seen some in Police Magazines, but I'm not a cert. LEO, so I can't get them from that source.
  3. This stuff looks absolutely fantastic. Do you by chance know of a place to get a hold of non lethal ammunition? Bean bag shot, or rubber bullets?
  4. That's the scary part. They're buying firearms and have no clue how to use them...
  5. I don't know why you're being so combative, but back off. I haven't done anything to you, or insulted you. If you feel insulted, re-read what I said. The Soros remark was OBVIOUSLY tongue in cheek.
  6. Where are they? What are they doing? How are they helping? Have you reached out to them?
  7. Yeah, BLM is well funded, well organized, and actually has people invested enough to show up.
  8. Telegram and Signal as well, and for email I use the K9 app with OpenPGP.
  9. I have ZERO hope that the FBI will do anything. The money trail is so easy to follow, that an amateur with Google can pull it off. They may arrest a few people here and there to put on a good show, but that has done nothing to calm down the "protests" and riots. If Antifa isn't reigned in before the election results are announced, it's going to be a shitstorm.
  10. Don't know your particular circumstances @ Wtfhappened , but I can tell you that "Non-violent" convicted felons can possess and carry firearms in Indiana, but they can't "buy" them because federal law overrules that. Indiana Code § 35-38-9-10(c) also provides for full restoration of civil rights through expungement of felonies. Assuming you meet the criteria, it's worth the time and money to make it happen! Alternatively, you can apply for a pardon from the governor of Indiana. (IC 35-47-2-20) which likewise restores rights, but generally requires a few years since commission, and some act or vocation that shows that you have a genuine sorrow for the act committed, and that minimizes the chance of recidivism.
  11. I'm game. ESPECIALLY if it's at the lake here!
  12. I have no problem going in to collect data. I can blend - I've done it before and can do it again. I would, however; suggest that in the future you either lock the post so only registered users can see, or better, place in a sub-forum for a militia near the BLM staging grounds for a more targeted audience.

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