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    Retired US. Geological Survey. Cartographer
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    I sent 3 years as a civilian at the USCG station Ft. Lauderdale in their galley. Retired Cartographer with USGS. Five years in the USCG Auxiliary. Life member NRA.
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  1. Howard Blair, in Margate, Fla. 33063

    Saving all my ammo for when the time comes.

  2. Hi Howard!  I think we live close to each other...  Do you go to the range??  Like to shoot?  I go to an indoor range off Copens... 

    Thank you for your service.

    Im a USAF Veteran....early 70s....

    1. Howard


      Hi Judith. I am in Margate. I do not go to the range anymore, cost of ammo is a little high for me. I'm saving all the ammo for when the time comes. The photo of me, is of all different materials. My helmet and bullet-proof vest is from my time at the Coast Guard as a citizen working in the Galley. Not a correct uniform.

  3. Yes, that is a jail. It is in NJ across from Ft Hamilton, NY. It was a Civil War prison.
  4. I am Howard Blair, Pompano Beach area. Although I am 70, I can still shoot.
  5. Hello fella Americans. I am available to join a group in the SE Florida area. I can't run, but stand and fight if needed. I am 70 now, I know I can help in many ways. Howard in Broward.
  6. Howard


  7. Cars kill more people than guns. The drivers are responsible, not the cars. So why are these shooters not being held responsible, but the Dems/Libs are making the guns responsible. It is the unbalanced people making this bad for us.

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