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  1. [Take Action] Contact Your Senators to Confirm Kavanaugh https://gunowners.org/confirmkavhearing.htm
  2. The GOA (Gun Owners of America) is a great alternative that has a no compromise policy on infringement of the 2nd amendment. If you are an NRA member you can still be a supporting member of both. The GOA annual membership fee is $20.00. https://gunowners.org/
  3. Yes, any rights can be limited or taken if the people let it happen, I will agree that can happen and sometimes does. I'll agree to disagree on the other point of what constitutes an organized militia.
  4. No problem, they can stay in their office headquarters where they have their own bathrooms and will show up to clean up the mess of any attacks after it has already happened and too late to prevent any further harm. Or, they can just stop policing all together and let the whole campus burn down which might be better.
  5. DEM LEADER TELLS CROWD: “VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN – WHATEVER YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH” https://www.infowars.com/dem-leader-tells-crowd-vote-early-and-often-whatever-you-can-get-away-with/
  6. Maybe it would be better if people running for office had to go through a mental health screening. I'd flunk the majority of them.
  7. Carry Everywhere & Why, Not How!

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