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  1. Emma Gonzalez (Parkland Student Anti-2A Activist) Is A Communist and Supports Castro's Gun Confiscating Mass Civilian Murdering Regime:
  2. True gun control is all about shot placement!
  3. Fixer, You should also post the State CCW permit reciprocity map. That comes in very handy when travelling between states.
  4. Indiana is open carry but there have been a couple cases of LEO hassling open carriers. I see people open carrying from time to time around my town, so far I haven't heard of anyone getting hassled around here. Shouldn't have to have an extra law making it legal, it should be legal everywhere.
  5. Illinois county votes to become 'sanctuary county' for gun owners https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2018/04/19/illinois-county-votes-become-sanctuary-county-gun-owners/534840002/
  6. I agree on their practices and business model. Kind of the norm with large financial companies though, that's how they steal I mean make all their profits. At least they aren't using their financial clout to further the anti agenda, so I'll give them props for that. 👍
  7. So they want to make a law to take away a person's 2nd amendment right to constitutional carry.... Just shows this is always going to be an ongoing battle with them and they want to waste time clogging our courts with illegal stupid ass laws.
  8. It's kind of ironic that they now have both the right and the left boycotting them. 😆🤣
  9. I've been boycotting Starbucks for almost 2 years now..... #STARBUCKSNAPKINSFORASSWIPES! 😎