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  1. That's why I said we need to get a wall up within the first year. There will be some the first year but most of those would probably be like minded people we want. The others left are the ones that want a socialist paradise and they wouldn't start coming until a few years later once they start going downhill like Venezuela.
  2. Yes and the vast majority of their base come from coastal areas with large concentrated populations, most of those would be removed cutting it down to interior areas that would the be more like 20 percent or less of the population. If they really want to live the socialist life then most of them would immigrate. Yes there would be a lot of particulars to work out, all I am saying is with the rampant importation of socialist votes there are only 2 true resolutions to this problem, divide the country in a civil war or divide the country up in a peaceful process. The eventual outcome we are currently heading to is a socialist dictatorship unless drastic changes are made and soon.
  3. I agree, once the changes are made in the Map I drew above also based on the 2016 election which would't be exact put still pretty close, the people left in the remaining interior blue counties and cities will not be able to to affect the overall state and national politics. Most of them will eventually immigrate outside the Constitutional United States and good riddance to them, or their generations after having good educations without revisionist history, political correctness indoctrination and identity politics, will naturally come around to our way of thinking. It's like cancer surgery, cut the cancerous portion out and throw it away. It needs to begin with 2A and all other bill of rights sanctuary counties then states, then form some new states / state boundaries then theses Constitutional United States.
  4. I agree, I made up a map in another thread on here, the new Constitutional United States, cutting out some of the other areas that we can leave out to make a better country. 😉 Seriously though I think this might end up being the best solution. Get the walls up within one year then after that any body else left on the other side must go through a thorough immigration process. Of course we can still trade but keep the trade sites near the borders with controlled access and limited time within the country. These Constitutional United States of America
  5. Collapsable, portable and comes with it's own inline water filter system. 5 percent off of all purchase with code ATLAS. https://www.beprepared.com/waterbasics-60-gallon-water-storage-kit-with-filter
  6. Thanks for the feedback, in what capacity were you wearing this vest and how much often? Anyone else have any real time experience with these?
  7. If any members are planning to attend this event please post in this thread.
  8. I have 12 years infantry experience and I am a procurement and supply chain manager. I research and buy for a living. I do a lot of research on things, the pros and cons and whittle it down to the best bang for the buck. For myself I decided to go with a 1 x no magnification GEN 2+ White Phosphate tube monocular that is able to be both helmet and rifle mounted, and has both kits included with it to do so. I bought it on sale from Optics Planet a couple of weeks before Christmas 2019 for about $650 less than it is currently selling for. Every one has different needs and budgets but this is what I decided on was the best bang for the buck for myself at the time. Worn helmet mounted or carried by hand it is excellent night vision for the money, I prefer the vision enhancement that white phosphorus gives over green phosphorus because I feel the contrast is better. I wanted a monocular device because you can keep one eye accustomed to the actual lighting situation if it fails suddenly or need to go to your unaided eye quickly. I didn't want any magnification so I got a 1x only. This particular monocular can be mounted behind any rifle scope and turn that scope into a night vision scope. Is this in everyone's budget? I'm sure it isn't. Is this the right choice and options for everyone? I'm sure it isn't. If you agree with my reasons and have a similar budget, I would highly recommend this model. You might check a couple other places for it as it could be selling for less on another site at the moment.
  9. NVG that work with phosphate tubes can see almost as well and in some situations just as well as with the IR turned off as they can with it turned on, especially the later generations. Using them with the IR light off is passive viewing mode. ( Watch the GEN 2 + White Phosphate video posted near the beginning of this thread, almost the entire video is in passive mode with the IR light turned off. ) So if you are using them in a passive mode with the IR light off, enemy using NVG won't be seeing an IR beam coming from you. If you are using digital, you are pretty much going to have to have the IR light on all the time to really see much of anything with them. Thermal, no IR light used at all, thermal is strictly a passive viewing device detecting radiated heat. Most of the cheaper NVG are digital, still better than nothing and you can always turn the IR light off in situations you feel warrant it.
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